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Level 3, map A -06

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North side = column E
East side = Row -07
West side = Row 07
South side = column A

3F -07
3F 04
3F 06
3F 07

map section DH 3A -06

Room 11) 70’ x 70’ x 70’( 343,000) empty

North secret door is 60’ above the floor: Knock or Dispel Magic vs. 12th
opening this door causes a ballista to fire bolt number 1 which has a
hollow shaft and a ceramic head containing 2 gallons of monster burn oil
ballista number 2: fires. Has a flint head and will strike the metal
plate exposed by bolt number 1 (on map the South wall). The lever in room 14 prevents these bolts from firing. 90 percent chance the sparks will catch the oil afire.
if the oil catches fire, the doors locks and water starts
pouring into the room from the celing to a depth of 3 feet. East secret door: doppleganger or dwarf touch to open.

Room 12) 10’ x 10’ x 50’ empty

scratches on map the wall to a height of 7 feet, look like
cat scratches in the rock. As if a normal large cat could do that… West secret door: push left

Room 13) 10’ x 10’ x 40’

dust, a number of dented dwarf size helms, some broken war hammers,
a few bones East secret door: push left

Room 14) 10’ x 10’ x 30’

as long as lever on map the west wall is left in the downward position,
the ballistas in room 11 wont fire East secret door: push right

Room 359) 30’ x 70’ x 30’ ( 63,000)

West secret door: push left East secret door: dwarf touch 5 dwarves Fighter 3, in stasis. Axes, chain, shield
with 3 Ogres also in the room The dwarves are named: Frin, Drun, Wilno, Zug, Geeth The dwarves think it is the year 102. They were placed in stasis when the
dungeon was taken over.

Room 494) 20’ x 20’ x 10’ – 30’ x 50’ x 12’ ( 22,000)

Secret door: push this treasure is Geased ( any non-LG party must SR at 12 or better)
if any LG in party, the maximum of 12 is reduced by 1 for each LG party member. Chest: 6’ x 6’ x 4’
2000 pp ; 10000 gp ; 12000 ep
three 1000 gp gems ; five 500 gp gems
3 Scrolls of 5 Cure Critical Wounds each Geas: if the party fails to make the SR, they must make certain any party/monster
they intend to attack is not LG before they attack.
( this failure is what nailed the bandits on level 1)

Room 495) 10’ x 90’ x 10’

see room 11 description on this page

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