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Level 3, map C -02

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North side = column E
East side = Row -07
West side = Row 07
South side = column A

3F -07
3F 04
3F 06
3F 07

map section DH 3C -02

Room 205) 70’ x 100’ x 40’ ( 280,000) Temple of the Beacon of Mercy ( LG)

statue is 15 feet tall, 4 armed. two oil flames give off a silvery-red light. Dorano Human male LG cleric 7th. blue tunic with silver sunset over plate +1
Foot soldier’s mace +1 Loli human LG female and Joncr human male LG Cleric 5th
same type tunic over chain +1
Foot soldier’s mace, shield 3 clerics, human LG male, human LG female, human LG male
wearing same type tunic over leather,
foot soldier’s mace, shield 15 level zero LG clerics 10 are human male, 5 are human female. Offerings are made on the rock upon which the statue stands. Although Grag and his men steal from these people, they
do not touch the statue or the rock.

Room 206) 20’ x 60’ x 100’

quarters for Doran, Loli, and Joncr.
table, 5 chairs, 3 beds, cloak closets
3 small chests of clothes

Room 428) 30’ x 60’ x 10’ ( 18,000)

barracks for the other clerics 2 tables, 15 chairs, 9 double bunks,
each person has a small wooden box for clothes

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