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levels 2 thru 5, sights, sounds, and debris

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Here is the list of things the x-numbers stand for on the maps

Note that inspection of down and updraft areas in Dwarf Home will result in the characters finding thousands and thousands of very tiny holes. Thats where the air flow is coming from/going to. Doesn’t that seem to be beyond the typical tech level for this type of epoch ? It is, way beyond…

For levels 2 thru 5

x-1 dwarf bones
x-2 cold down draft
x-3 broken bottle, ceramic
x-4 cold air current
x-5 claw marks on wall
x-6 char marks on wall, as fireball
x-7 hysterical laughter
x-8 broken helmet
x-9 broken sword blade
x-10 orc bones
x-11 misty air, can see 10 feet
x-12 ashes
x-13 bones
x-14 warm updraft
x-15 dried blood
x-16 music
x-17 hammer head, cracked
x-18 wall dampness
x-19 straw
x-20 dagger hilt
x-21 cobwebs
x-22 smell of apricots
x-23 torch stub
x-24 pile of thigh bones
x-25 cold up draft
x-26 warm down draft
x-27 broken pick
x-28 melted steel
x-29 dust
x-30 rotted furniture
x-31 broken mace
x-32 broken bow
x-33 light frost
x-34 cool up draft
x-35 broken pole arm
x-36 charred human remains
x-37 smell of smoke
x-38 smell of decay
x-39 footsteps
x-40 wood smoke
x-41 ammonia smell
x-42 rotting vegetation
x-43 ozone odor
x-44 sound of an explosion
x-45 buzzing
x-46 anvil sounds
x-47 thumping
x-48 deep bell tones
x-49 high pitched bell tones
x-50 horn sounds
x-51 sulpherous smell
x-52 dirt
x-53 broken arrow
x-54 rusted chain
x-55 scream
x-56 grating, stone and metal
x-57 grating, stone on stone
x-58 splashing
x-59 moaning
x-60 trickle of water
x-61 choking sounds
x-62 foggy near the floor ( like in the old 1950s horror movies)
x-63 broken blue glass
x-64 three stone flowers on wall
x-65 scattered teeth
x-66 rattling of chains
x-67 cold side draft
x-68 warm side draft
x-69 very cold side draft
x-70 very warm side draft
x-71 cobwebs on wall
x-72 cobwebs in corner
x-73 bird chirping
x-74 receding footsteps
x-75 howling
x-76 several large sticks
x-77 a large log
x-78 a sneeze
x-79 faint giggling
x-80 small puddle of water
x-81 large puddle of water
x-82 slimy coating on wall
x-83 Grease spell on wall
x-84 Grease spell on floor
x-85 water dripping from ceiling
x-86 water dripping down wall
x-87 small stone pillar protruding from wall
x-88 broken bottle, glass
x-89 large gong sound
x-90 fur bits
x-91 dry leaves and twigs
x-92 small mound of coal
x-93 three 1 inch in diameter glass spheres
x-94 salt shaker
x-95 plain belt buckle
x-96 fancy belt buckle
x-97 3 feet of scorched twine
x-98 3 feet of burned twine
x-99 3 feet of burned rope
x-100 3 feet of scorched rope
x-101 high water mark 10 feet above floor

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