Game session, setup

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Note: Some of these don’t apply for play by post games.

Besides each player deciding where they were going to sit.

Players do the following
1) marching order for 10’ wide corridor.

2) marching order for 30’ wide corridor

3) update character sheets with training/leveling, new hit points, new spells if any, monster burn oil, Holy Water, food, water, etc.

My referee things to do.

1) make sure I have all of the maps, information for that game session.

2) my dice and miniatures.

3) if using a computer, make sure I have the correct program loaded

4) pencil, paper, to track what rooms the characters find, NPCs the player characters talked to, etc.

5) hand out experience points for previous game session.

6) make sure we have sodas and snacks

7) turn off cell phones. Yes, OFF !

8) answer any questions about procedures, how I do things, etc.

9) get out dungeon floor tiles and green felt to put them on.

10) prepare player character order notebook for who says what/when during game.

Everyone comfy ? Restroom break needed before the end of 50 minutes ?

Game session, in progress

Game session, end

Game session, followup

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