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I decided to have all deities in a particular Mythos all of one alignment. That way a person of a particular alignment wouldn’t find themselves having to pray to a deity of a different alignment for things like help with the crops or for war. But I didn’t make religions up from scratch, just modified the ones available in a book titled ‘Deities and Demigods’ by TSR. This means not all ‘houses’ are represented in all religions in my game. There may not be a farmer’s deity for one religion mythos, but was available in another one.

I did set a few of them so that clerics of that religion could use non-blunt weapons. The no cutting edge weapons thing for clerics is a Middle Ages Earth thing anyway. It just didn’t fit into my campaign world. So a religion modified from a deity that allowed/ demanded certain weapons from the cleric was set up that way. In my campaign you might see a cleric with a spear, a sword, or a war hammer. It varied by the favorite weapon of the deity of that religion.

Of course, all of this is fictional. These game religions don’t represent anything but works of fiction.

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