Minstrel character class

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This character class is based on an article in Dragon magazine #56, also in Best of Dragon # III pages 56-58

arms, armor, and combat

hand axe, throwing axe, club, dagger, war hammer, javelin, knife, horseman’s mace, scimitar, sling, broad sword, long sword, short sword, and monster burn oil.

Can wear leather, magic leather, magic chain mail, and use a wooden shield. Attacks using fighter to hit table, but never gets multiple attacks per round nor can a minstrel use weapon specialization.

Starts with 2 weapons, at -4 to hit for non-proficiency, gain 1 weapon proficiency every 4 levels. of advancement.

magic items usable by this character class

potions, scrolls, rings, rods, wands, and miscellaneous magic items usable by all classes. Any books, librams, manuals, or tomes read by a minstrel have the same effects as on a druid. Can use the Rod of Beguiling, all types of the Horn of Valhalla, and instruments of the bards at the same level as 1E bards.

saving rolls

saves as a cleric, except saves as a magic-user versus paralyzation, poison, and death magic.

hit points are six-sided dice.

spells are limited.

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