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I’ve been trying to find one to use for some time now.

1. Some I became interested in using, are no longer being updated and have problems. No way to ask questions is the other problem.

2. Some are incredibly detailed, in their wiki or pdf manual. I feel the same way I felt after my first week of Calculus 1. Overwhelmed.

3. cost. I realize they want a return on their time investment, but a demo version I can try for a month or so would go far in convincing me to look at them. One I looked at, the demo worked for less than a day. I cannot figure out if I like software in that amount of time.

4. So far, it looks like cameras, headsets with microphones, an actual able top, and maps/miniatures is the best idea so far.

Yes, I realize many people use them, but… many of them are very complicated from my point of view. The manuals/wikis of some read like the reader already knows how to use the VTTs. Not good enough for new users to figure them out.

5. update, 2017. I have purchased Epic Table and I am learning how to use it.

6. update 2021. I kickstarter for Mythic Table. The goal was met.

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