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Some of these I found in early White Dwarf magazines and modified. Others I made up.

An example of one I made up would be Wall of Fog for Druids. In AD&D 1E, its a Magic-User spell. But since Druids can affect weather, they should be able to create fog. There are many other examples.

I’ll use the same format as the 1E PHB.

Here are some of the spells, in spell name alphabetical order:

  1. Cone of Good Cleric 4: (Invocation) Reversible (Cone of Evil) 6” ; Instantaneous ; 6” long x 3” diameter at end, 1/2” at start end ; VSM ; 3 segments, Negate. Causes an invisible cone of goodly force from the finger tips of the cleric’s pointing hand. (One hand holds the holy symbol and the other points.) Any evil creature in range must SR or be forced back 6” from the cleric. Once forced back, the creatures will then shun the cleric for 1d6 turns. Material is a holy symbol. The reverse forces good creatures back from an evil cleric.

  2. Detect Curse Cleric 7: (Abjuration/Summoning) 2” ; 1 round ; one object, etc. ; VSM ; 9 segments ; yes, if fail SR the curse activates. Detects intensity ; 1%/level to detect curse ; holy relic or holy artifact in possession of caster +20% to roll. If caster fails to SR vs. magic, curse transfers to caster. Wish to remove curse. Materials are 3 vials of holy water and one holy symbol (silver), and one 15,000 gp gem. Materials vanish after casting.

  3. Detect Undead Cleric 2: (Divination) 3” ; 1 turn/level ; 1” path ; VSM ; 1 segment ; none. Spell enables the cleric to detect the presence of any undead creatures. Material is a holy symbol held forth.

  4. Flash Magic-User 2 or Illusionist 1: ( Evocation, – ) 4” ; Instantaneous; 1/2” radius; VSM ; 1 segment ; half damage; a small ball of bat guano and sulphur ; Victim suffers second degree burns and takes 2d6 hp damage/3 levels of the caster, must also SR vs. magic or be blinded for 2d4 rounds. ( That would be 3rd level/2d6; 6th/4d6; 9th/6d6; 12th;8d6; 15th/10d6; 21st/14d6).

    One magic item that came out of this was a Dagger +1/+2 vs. large that could cast 5 Flash spells, one per round, via a push button on the dagger’s handle. Can be used by non-spell casters. But only M-U or Illusionist can recharge it.

  5. Nebanself’s Eye of Back Seeing Cleric 5 or Magic-User 4: (Alteration) touch ; 2 hours + 1hour/level ; personal ; VSM ; 5 segments ; None. Forms an eye out of pineal gland. With this spell in affect, dexterity bonuses apply to rear attacks. Thieves striking silently at user of spell at +2 istead of +4 to hit and damage is halved. Pickpocket attempts are at minus 40%. Other character classes get no plus to hit from behind. The eye can also have infravision and permanency cast on it. The eye takes 3 turns to form after the spell is cast. Material is eye of an Umber Hulk or a small one from a beholder.

  6. Light of Cutting Magic-User 6: (Evocation) 18” ; 2 segments ; beam of tiny width ; VSM ; 4 segments ; SR negate (misses). Beam of intense light springs from a ruby of 500 gp worth held in the caster’s hand. Can be used for amputation of an infected limb of a stationary being. 70% chance of a clean cut with no serious bleeding. Can cut through one inch of iron in 1/4 segment or one inch steel in 1/2 segment. As a weapon it does 2d6+1 hp/level above 12th. Any who save have dodged the beam. Shields, Leomund’s Tiny Hut, and Wall of Fire have no affect on this spell. Wall of Ice stops the beam but a 1/2” hole is cut in the ice. Mirror surfaces or gaze reflection spells deflect the beam and bright red clothes may do so. 50% chance to deflect for very clean highly colored robes. Material is a ruby which shatters after spell completion. No damage is taken from the shattering jewel.

  7. Magic Messenger Magic-User 3: (Conjuration/Summoning) zero ; until fullfilled ; creates a sphere ; VS; 6 segments ; None. Creates a silvery sphere with a mouth on it. It can be instructed to carry a message at any specified time. The short message can be anything the caster wants to send. The sphere travels at a 28” movement speed by the most direct route possible to its destination where it materializes and delivers the message.

  8. Oath Cleric 1: (Conjuration/Sumoning) touch ; until broken ; creatures touched ; VSM ; 1 round ; none. Used to seal a bond, bargain, or verbal agreement between 2 or more willing participants, not including the caster. If anyone subsequently wants to break the oath must SR vs. spells at (-1/level of caster.) or take 1d4 hp. The oath is then broken and negated for the other participants. Material is a holy symbol.

  9. Wall of Fog Druid 2: (Alteration) 5” ; 3d4 rounds + 1 round/level ; 2” cube/level ; VSM ; 3 segments ; None. Creates a misty wall of vapors that obscures all sight even infravision beyond 2 feet. Material is mistletoe.

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