modified, official game spells, level 1 to 3

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I’ll add more if I see that needs to be done.

Cleric and Druid, 3rd level

Cure Disease. Many things that need to be cured quickly… the spell takes 10 game minutes. Too long. So casting time is now 3 game rounds instead of 1 turn.

( from an idea by Ratbreath on Dragon’s Foot.)

Magic-User, 1st level

Identify. A live fish ? Nope. And items don’t attune to the character using them in my campaign unless it says so in the description.

But Identify gives results like few pluses for +1 or +2, several pluses for +3 or +4, many pluses for +5 or +6 items.

+6 are Uniques, break, and they are gone forever.

A ballpark figure on charges from Identify. No exact amounts.

If the M-U makes bad rolls, they will unlikely get all of the abilities of what they are checking.

Magic-User, level 1


Upped to 50gp/level weight for the object to be repaired, and allowing partial repair so that multiple castings can repair larger (still non-magical only) objects.

IMC you can break your weapon on a critical miss, an ogre or a giant can smash your shield, you can fall and land on your back and break your bow…all of these things would be a great opportunity for the use of mending. A magic user could repair the broken bar on a door or fix padlocks, or put back together the shattered sacred stone tablets, once again providing holy guidance for the villagers.

It’s a potentially brilliant spell that just doesn’t see enough use.

Also, complete repair. Not just a single link of chain or something. I do not understand the thinking in putting such extreme limits on repairing things.

( from Ratbreath’s ideas on Dragon’s Foot )

Magic-User, level 1

Wizard Mark: The wizard will know the location of his own Wizard Marks at any time. IMC, I limit this to one tracked mark per 1/2 level, and the first mark is always on the wizard’s spell book. Useful for keeping track of stray party members. I’ve used this trick to mark a coin and track it back to a thieves’ guild.

( from Whizzleflip’s post on Dragon’s Foot)

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