Character Class: Shogosh, level 2 potions

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Second level.

Alter Self; Augury; Detect Charm; Detect Life; ESP; Find Traps; Heat Metal; Know Alignment; Levitate; Locate Object; Locate Plants; Protection from Cantrips; Resist Fire; Slow Poison; Speak with Animals; Strength; Vocalize; Warp Wood;

Character class level: 55% success at fifth level; 80% success at sixth level; 97% success at seventh level; 98% success at eighth level; 99% success at nineth level.

Failure means 10% chance of intestinal distress, 15% chance headache, and 75% potion of delusion. Or just roll 1d3; 1) intestinal distress 2) headache 3) delusion

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