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January, 2023

Jan 13

Looking at making some changes and converting this to Castles and Crusades by Troll Lord Games.

May, 2021

May 26 Fixed some typos.

May, 2020

May 23 Updated Dwarf hill, Dwarf Mountain, Elf high, Elf valley, Elf wood, Gnome surface character class combinations. The rest have no updates.

June, 2019

Jun 20

Uodated some of the character races with new character classes available for player characters. Not uploaded yet.

April, 2019

Apr 14

Added House rules 5, various

I have more human characters that live in the mountains and mountain plains of Crestar. I hope to eventually find time to detail them for player characters. My Crestar site has some information on them.

Apr 2

Fixed the links for House Rules sub-menu.

December, 2018

Dec 18

I’m working on other sites so this one is on hold.


Oct 27

Added 3 Lawful Good religions’ information to this site. Quintalaro Mythos.


Aug 9

I’m currently working on my other sites.

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