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xpgp is prorated by me from 0.1 up to 2 times. This depends on difficulty of the encounter, what they had to do to defeat any monsters, how many characters tried valiantly and died anyway, etc. I had a Sinclair ZX81 program, and later on an AmigaBASIC program, to help me calculate this. It went out to 4 decimal places, as I knew that the fractions add up. The xp/gpxp sheet I gave the players the following week, showed 2 decimal places.

The majority of the time, it was 0.3 to 1.0 times the total gp value, then divided up by number of characters.

So if two encounters were the same monsters, but one encounter was difficult for the characters, then that group got a higher percentage.

If the encounter was easy, the percentage was low.

Same with monster xps. I had a chart, not sure which box it is in right now, which had an area in the middle of the chart where the characters got what the monster gave for killing it.

Above that, the percentage went up. Below that, one fighter killing 5 giant rats as an example, the percentage of xp the character got was low.

Most of the players, with the exception of some game store Monty Haulers, liked the system once they understood it.

The home game players were happy to get 0.67 xp from one adventure… they happened to find some magicked Fool’s Gold coins, that turned to lead when they got back to town. They sold it, and got the 0.67 gpxp per character.

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