The Forester by Thorkhammer

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I say, bah. scuttle this whole idea. Dual/Multi classing everything isn’t the answer. The solution is to come up with a new class, perhaps a composite of 2-3, and go from there.

So I’m suggesting, The Forester.

Race allowed:
Human—unlimited levels,
Elf—level limit 10th,
Half-elf—level limit 12th,
Half-dwarf( :wink2: )—5th(if even allowed!),
Halfling—level limit 7th,
Gnome—level limit 8th,
Half-orc—level limit 9th.

Alignment: Neutral, with either good or evil tendencies. (No LN, CN)

Requisites: Str 15, Int 13, Wis 14, Dex 15, Con 16, Charisma —

Level advancement table: use the Paladin.

Character is a subclass of Fighter, but trains/studies with druids and rangers.

Thus, gains 3/2 attacks at L7, 2/1 attacks at L13

Uses/Gains weapon proficiency as a Ftr. (Cannot specialize in anything but a bow if UA is implemented)

Does not learn MU spells at all !

Learns druid spells, and most abilities (but not Change Form !)

Cannot wear metal armor and cast spells; can use all other skills though.

Cannot be accepted into the druidic heirarchy; thus is not concerned with battling higher level druids.

Gains/uses ranger damage vs. Giant-Class creatures; +1 to damage per each odd level gained.

Learns to track as a ranger.

Attracts a body of follows (this requires a redesigned table though.) Does not gain any as a “fighter.”

Gains druidic spell use:
L3: 1×1st
L4: 2×1st; 1×2nd
L5: 2×1st; 2×2nd
L6: 2×1st; 2×2nd: 1×3rd
L7: 3×1st; 2×2nd; 1×3rd
L8: 3×1st; 2×2nd; 2×3rd
L9: 3×1st; 3×2nd; 2×3rd; 1×4th
L10: 4×1st; 3×2nd; 2×3rd; 2×4th
L11: 4×1st; 3×2nd; 3×3rd; 2×4th
L12: 4×1st; 4×2nd; 3×3rd; 2×4th; 1×5th

…for starters.

Posted to Dragonsfoot forums by Thorkhammer with permission to use it in my campaign.

Of course, I’ll have to modify it for my campaign due to level limits, but it looks good so far.

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