Character creation

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To start a new character create in my campaign.

Character Creation.

1) Decide on character race. Half-Elf ( wood, high, gray, or valley), human ( city, coast, hills, or mountain), gnome ( hill or mountain), elf ( wood, high, gray, or valley), dwarf ( hill or mountain), halfling ( hairfoot, tallfellow, or stout). No evil character races nor evil alignments.

At this curent time, there is nothing special about the various sub-races. I plan on changing that, but not for several months.

2) roll dice; 4d6 drop lowest for 7 numbers total. Minimum stat is a 9. A player decides what character race and character class they want their character to be. If they don’t have the stats, I let them up the numbers 1 or 2 points to the minimum. The minimum stat in my campaign is a 9. By the book, the minimum is a 3. The 7th number is for use if you don’t like one of the other 6 numbers. Stats are Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma.

3) using those numbers decide on a character class or multi-class.

4) assign the numbers rolled to the stats for that class or multi-classes.

5) Maximum hit points for first level. Magic-Users now use a d6, not a d4. (How to roll for hit points for levels above first.)

6) buy gear, starting monies is 300 gp per character. Basic gear is: armor, weapon, backpack, water skin, food. Once the player decides on a character race/character class/multi/single/dual class, the player decides on what equipment the character has.

(use this price list for the time being then come back here.)

For Play by Post, use the link above as I wont be able to hand you a price sheet for ingame items.

I hand the player a typed sheet of equipment; armor, food, weapons, water, horse, etc. of prices at the nearby General Store. Or the player looks on the web site url I email them. Some start towns may or may not have everything the character needs. There could be a local scarcity. Fishing nets, for an example, would not likely be available in a woodlands town far from the ocean or lakes.

7) The player makes a copy of their character for me. This is in case the player loses their character sheet which has happened before.

For play by post, pm me your character sheet. Thank you.

8)All of these types of characters get Read Magic or Read Illusionist Magic automatically.

9) Certain character classes; like Ranger or Cavalier, have to select certain weapons. These are listed in the UA. The Paladin is not a sub-class on Cavalier in my game world.

10) I use parts, but not all of Unearthed Arcana, not all of the 1E players’ handbook, all of the DMG, and the MM, MM2, and Fiend Folio. There are some monsters/bad guys I don’t use as I feel they don’t fit my campaign. Not going to list them though.

11) Characters such as clerics, druids, rangers, paladins, and cavaliers must select a religion of their character’s alignment. Other player characters don’t have to. ( Not typed up yet, generic until this is done.)

12) the player character then meets the other player characters in the local game Inn or game Tavern. Some may think that a cliche, but it doesn’t matter. This is the way I do it.

13) When we start gaming again, dice rolls for hit points will go to 23rd level instead of rolling up to around name level and just adding in a set amount. Note that bad guys get to do the same thing.

For Play by Post: Any part of this site where it says I hand you, or you hand me, an item, just ignore that.

14) game session, setup

15) Game session, in progress

16) Game session, end

17) Game session, followup

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