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I’ve been working on changing the 1e druid to go to 23rd level, And make Shaman a trade skill/character class for potion making. The character class will be called Shogosh. An Ogre word…

Since I don’t have the time to make detailed lists of components, I’ll just make it something like ‘Fire Resistance potion kit’ and the success rate depends on skill level.

I felt back in 1980, when I started playing this game, that druid and monk stopped leveling at too low of levels.

I’ll post my changes to monk, after I’ve worked on druid changes for a bit. So far, I have the spells per level list, and I spread out the ‘initiate of circle’ levels.

I’ll also be adding in some character classes listed as NPCs in the Players Handbook. Like Dwarf Clerics.

Elf and Half-Elf character races that have Magic-User as one of their character classes can add Illusionist character class as a possibility.

I am working on making Monk and Druid character classes up to 23rd level.

All casting classes will have increased number of spells castable per day per level… as I am adding a number of spells I felt should have been in the game. Like defensive spells and curative spells. Block Poison, Cure Major Disease, etc.

Changes I’m working on.

Dwarves, hill: Paladin, Druid, and Ranger

Elves; gray, high, valley, wood: Illusionist and Bard

Half-Elves; gray, high, valley, wood: Illusionist and Monk

Gnomes, surface: Druid, Ranger, and Magic-User

Halflings, all: Ranger and Illusionist , tallfellow: Paladin

Instead of stopping rolling for hit points as noted in the 1e AD&D Players Handbook, characters will roll until they max out at 23rd level.

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