Eye of the Plague, Chatogl Mythos (CE)

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Deity name: Yulhenra

in charge of: god of epidemics

tithe: 15%

animal: carrion bird

symbol: 3 demon heads

Clerics can be: any

wear on

head: pointed cap or pointed helm

body: tunic or armor

colors: muddy yellow

UnHoly Symbol shape:

requirements to join: 1. do evil acts to people not of this religion 2. travel about the countryside preaching to rich and poor alike

advantages: 1. immune to fevers 2. 1% chance the deity is watching an evil deed performed by a cleric and 5% chance will give an evil doer a disease causing items if more than 500 characters are affected by the evil act.


Sacrifices: when : full moon what: gems where: temple

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