game spells, unofficial Part 3

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Some of these I found in early White Dwarf magazines and modified. Others I made up.

  1. Aaron’s Rod

    Cleric 2: touch ; 5 turns + 1 turn/level; 1 rope or cord; VSM ; 9 segments, Negate. This spell causes a rope to be stiff and inflexible. The caster’s level affects the toughness. First through 10th level the rope is as tough as wood. 11th thru 15th as tough as stone. The weight doesn’t change.

    It can be used as a weapon. Same to hit and damage as a footman’s flail. Can be used as a staff or climbed. Captives bound with it will be unable to free themselves. The caster can cancel before expiration. Materials are Holy Symbol, rope or cord, and Holy Water.

  2. Tanglefoot

    Cleric 2 or Druid 1: Range: 1” / level of caster. 3 rounds + 1 round/level; 1 creature/level; VSM; 1 round; negates effects. All effected can move no faster than a 3” rate. Moving faster will cause a fall. A attacks to hit victim are at +3. Effects wings and legs only. Materials are a Holy Symbol if a cleric, a small ball of wool tangled by a kitten, and 3 dead spiders.

  3. Locate self

    Druid 1: self; 2 segments; self; VSM; 1 segment; none. Caster will know dirction of magnetic north and the approximate distance above or below sea level. Material is mistletoe.

  4. Rust

    Druid 3 and Magic-User 3; touch; permanent; one creature; VS; 3 segments; none or negate. Affects metal like a rust monster. Must make to hit rll and touch with bare hand. Magic Items save at +2 for every plus of the item. Non-magic items get no save. Doesn’t effect relics nor artifacts.

  5. Air Mirror

    Magic-User 2 and Illusionist 1: 2” + 1”/level; 1 round/level; one inch circle/level; VSM; 3 sewgments; none. Forms a circular mirror that allows the caster to look around corners, up or down stairs, etc. A 5th level caster can make a 5 inch in diameter circle, etc. Any creature in the line of sight on the other end can see the caster. Range is frm the caster, to the mirror, then around the corner. Material is a resuable small silver mirror, it is used to manipulate the air-mirror.

  6. Amaze

    Magic-User 2 and Illusionist 1: all within earshot; 1/2 turn/level; passersby; VS; 1 segment; none. Beguils passersby into believing the caster is a street magician performing stage magic tricks. Anyone of less level than the caster believes the illusion. If cast in a market place, etc. the caster wil lget form 1d10 gp per level of the caster as a reward for the entertainment.

  7. Frost Fingers

    Magic-User 1 and Illusionist 1: range: zero; 3’ long magical frost fomr the caster’s fingertips ( thumbs touch and frost in a 120 degree arc.); VS; 1 segment; none or yes. All fluids will freeze solid, when hit by this frost. Creatures take 2 hp/level of caster in damage. Potions must save vs. magic or become useless when they thaw. All other items must save vs. magic or be damaged.

  8. Flash

    Magic-User 2 and Illusionist 3: 4”; instantaneous; 1/2” radius; VSM; 1 segment; 1/2 damage. A small ball of flame for 2d6/ 3 levels of the caster. Save vs. magic of be blinded for 2d4 rounds. Material are bat guano and sulfur in a small ball.

  9. Draw

    M-U 2: 6”; 4 rounds; 1 pocket or similar; SM; 9 segments; none. Limited levitation and telekinesis spell. Caster points at a pocket they desire to affect. Casts spell. One item at a time will leave the pocket, random item. The item moves at 10 feet per 3 segments. A pouch, pack, or sack may also be affected. Caster can be detected same as a same level thief picking pockets. Weight limit is 18 gp, or 1.8 pounds. Material is item drawn.

  10. Nezabar’s Olfactory Delight

    M-U 2: 6” + 1”/level; permanent; 3” radius sphere; VSM; 4 segments; save depends on level of victim. Creates an invisible globe of aromatic gases please to all humans, humanoids, and demi-humans. Creatures 4 HD, or levels, or less get no save. Those with 4+ HD, or levels, must save vs. magic. If save is made, the smell wil lgo to the ground. This allows the creature to walk out of the area of effect. Will negate affects of any non-magic aroma. Material is a few rose petals or spearmint leaves.

  11. Fire Resistance

    M-U 4: touch; 1 turn/level; ceature touched; VSM; 3 segments; none. Recipient is immune to normal fires.Very hot fires, up to 24hp damage causes 1 hp per segment maximum. Ten hp per round. Exceptionally hot fires, 25+ hp initial damage, gets +4 to save and all damage dice are -2hp/round in the area. But not less than 1 hp/die. Material is a pinch of sulfur. Very hot fires are molten lava, demon immolation, hell hound breath, and wall of fire. Exceptionally hot fires are red dragon breath, pyrohydra breath, a fireball, and a flame strike. These are examples.

  12. Acid Rain

    M-U 5: 5” + 1”/level; 1 round/level; 3” radious circle; VSM; 5 segments; none. Mist of falling acid droplets. Creaures take 1d4 + 2hp/round. Vicims are also at -2 t hit others because of eye irritant, pain, and skin irritation. Dissolves wood and metal like a black pudding. Will eat solid rock at 1/4” / round. Materials are a drop of water and a drop of hydrochloric acid.

  13. Masochistic Fit

    M-U 6: 1”/level; 2 riunds or 2 rounds when triggered; 2” radius, 1” high; VS; 6 segments; negate ( save at +4). A victim must save vs. spells or fell urge to injure themselves with the nearest weapon. If leave the area of effect, gets +4 to save vs. magic again. Any entering area of effect before it expires must also save. Cleric 6 spell Heal and Dispel Magic will negate before it expires.

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