Game session, in progress

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Describe what was available for that session.

Rumors their characters had heard. Or request from a local town or duke. Or they might see a large fire off in the distance.

The player characters find out where the dungeon or abandoned castle/keep is located and make plans for going there.

I describe the trek there, terrain, birds, monsters, etc.

Their characters arrive and look for entrances, dead falls, guards, etc.

Make their way into the dungeon or keep.

I tell the players what their characters see, smell, and hear.

Based on the above, the players tell me what they are doing.

If they encounter a monster who has surprise, they roll to see if surprised.

After surprise is dealt with, initiative is rolled.

I have the group leader roll, and I roll for the monster. High roll goes first. Each combat round is done this way.

No monster nor character falls from wounds until the combat round is over.

If the players win initiative.

I go around the table clock-wise.

That player tells all of us what they are going to do. If using a weapon or a spell that require it, a to hit roll with a d20 is made.

I tell them if it was a hit or not. The player rolls damage.

Continue on around the table until all players have had a chance to state what their character is doing.

Then the monsters do their combat rolls.

After both are done, roll for initiative for combat round 2.

Continue until combat ends.

If the player characters survive, they look for weapons, treasure, etc. they can use.

If the monsters win, game session over until new characters can be rolled up.

At the end of 50 minutes, we take a break, unless it is in the middle of a game combat session. Then we take a 10 minute break.

The characters continue until the players are sure everything has been done, or we run out of time, and meet next week.

I describe the area, passageways, and rooms well enough so the players can make a map if they want to.

Their characters trek back to a safe location if they want to, or a town.

Treasure is divided up amongst the player characters.

Game session, end

Game session, followup

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