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I’ll be putting character classes, ideas about my campaign, documentation on how I run a game session, and other things I note. Like character generation/creation. New game ideas I have asked if I can use, and ideas of my own.

I will probably add in some things that happened, that were funny to me. Some of the players weren’t too happy… but most saw these happenings as funny later on.

Alchemist and Samurai are character classes I am working on. The Shogosh, player character shaman, is also in the works.

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May, 2023

May 31

The categories have been moved, articles are still here.

May 26

I am in the process of moving two sub-domains over to here; Crestar’s documents site and Crestar’s people of Crestar site. Only some of the categories have been moved, articles are still here.

January, 2023

Jan 13

Looking at making some changes and converting this to Castles and Crusades by Troll Lord Games.

May, 2021

May 26 Fixed some typos.

May, 2020

May 23 Updated Dwarf hill, Dwarf Mountain, Elf high, Elf valley, Elf wood, Gnome surface character class combinations. The rest have no updates.

June, 2019

Jun 20

Uodated some of the character races with new character classes available for player characters. Not uploaded yet.

April, 2019

Apr 14

Added House rules 5, various

I have more human characters that live in the mountains and mountain plains of Crestar. I hope to eventually find time to detail them for player characters. My Crestar site has some information on them.

Apr 2

Fixed the links for House Rules sub-menu.

December, 2018

Dec 18

I’m working on other sites so this one is on hold.


Oct 27

Added 3 Lawful Good religions’ information to this site. Quintalaro Mythos.


Aug 9

I’m currently working on my other sites.

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Deity name: Krakac

in charge of: winter spirit

tithe: 10%

animal: wolf

symbol: ice spear

Clerics can be: any

wear on

head: fur cap

body: fur tunic or tunic over armor

colors: white

Holy Symbol shape:

requirements to join: 1. do not pray directly to deity or the deity will kill the prayee

advantages: 1. -2hp/die when taking cold-based damage


Sacrifices: when : winter solstice what: offerings where: in the wild

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Reading and writing skills

Not mentioned much in the game books, but here is a quick chart for reading and writing in my campaign.

intelligence     reading level                             writing level
   10              basic skills                            basic skills
   11              can read books with simple concepts    can write fairly well
   12              can read basic scholarly works         can write basic scholarly works
   13              can read most scholarly works          can write most scholarly works
   14              can read all scholarly works           can write all scholarly works

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This game world has had a number of invasions and counter invasions. Some parts of it this has not happened.

Unless I mention it, female characters get the same maximum Strength as male characters. I’m not interested in hearing your justifications for this to not be possible.

The other 5 stats for a character stay the same.

Character class limits

Page 13 of the PHB. Character limits for levels are gone. Crestar isn’t a humanocentric world. And no, elves don’t dominate. See each character race/class page for the changes.

There are many more character classes and combinations on this site than are listed in the PHB ( Players’ Handbook).

Note that I think the justifications for character class limits in the books are rather silly. In OD&D, they go up past level 30.

armor and weapons

A character can use weapons in both the PHB and the UA. Buy a copy for reference.

Thief wearing armor and it affecting open locks, etc. Why ? I presume the thief would take off any gauntlets before searching a dungeon found chest for a lock and picking it. Of course, plate and banded would affect a number of things a thief does in this game. While I have seen video, on History channel, of people wearing plate turning cartwheels, that doesn’t mean a thief character wearing that could pick a lock and look for traps.

Character spells per day

Spells per day: each character class article on this site shows an increase. I have added some spells to use in the game. I hope to make the Illusionist more viable a character class.

Character experience bonus

Bonus XP: Illusionist; Int 16 or greater. 10%. Monk: Str 16 and Wis 16+ gain +10%.

Bard gets +10% bonus XP if their fighter or thief character class has the bonus.

Character class available spells

Available game spells: I hope to eventually list all of them available in my game world. The PHB and UA is a good start. There are some unofficial ones on this site. Some came from White Dwarf magazine, early issues.


We tried psionics and didn’t care for them. So they are not in use in my game world.

Treasure found

Treasure division after the adventure: All monies are divided up equally. Magic items are rolled for.

XP for Gold pieces. I calculate the XPGP equivalent for a treasure found by the characters. It is typically prorated according to difficulty of the encounter from 0.1 up to 2 times. 2 is rare and so is 0.1.

Typical would be 0.2 to 0.9.Surviving a dragon attack the characters would get 2 times XPGP.

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