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taxes and fees, Crestar


In most ancient worlds, taxes were charged. This world is no exception.

Lots of taxes and fees for various things that today no fees are charged for.

  • Taxes.

    1. Trillolara charges adventurers 20 percent of all treasures over 90,000 gold pieces worth.

    2. Dank Forest taxes at a Royal Fifth, 30-60 percent of all treasures found.

    3. Teslarc charges 7 percent on all treasure

    4. Grand Isle of Karenth at 15 percent of all treasure

    5. Nalo Island charges 12 percent of all treasure

    6. the nomads charge 14 percent of all treasure

    7. Tanoria charges 20 percent of all treasure

    8. The Northern Island Group charges 10 percent of all treasure

    9. Tantalow’s Island Group charges 9 percent of all treasure

    10. Noral charges 30 percent of all treasure

    11. Evil areas don’t charge taxes, they just take what you have. Unless your characters are tougher than they are…

  • forms, permits…

    1. Marriages: 1 copper piece

    2. Births: 1 copper piece

    3. land purchases, cost of the land plus 10 silver.

    4. becoming a Sage: up to 100 platinum.

    5. Historian: not allowed or up to 500 gold pieces

    6. Ship officer: 100 gold pieces.

    7. Noral has a large number of permits, starting at 1 copper piece and going up to 1,000 platinum.

    8. to be continued

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