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Fondfield, Trillolara entrance page


Fondfield’s Town Shield/Symbol

Basically the town flag. Town Guard shields are marked with it. The gates have it as a flag.

Blue for the skies above, green for the forests and good farm land, brown for the ground below, purple for the distant mountains, yellow for the wastes in the Plains of Dareth so near.

This is the first planned town in my campaign world. Before this I just used the item price list in the 1E PHB.

Fondfield is the district military headquarters. Formerly a town outside Trillolara, it joined the Land of the Bards on equal terms.

Has 3 military leaders responsible for area defense, but a small town council decides town issues.

a new map for the new hemisphere drawing.

A larger town, better arranged buildings.

1) road to Quasqueton
2) road to Sraa Keep, over grown
3) road loads to the coast, eventually to Dwarf Home area by boat or land
4) South Gate
5) Green Goose Inn and Stables
6) Falla Keep, 50’ diameter tower lower left
7) Druids
8 ) open air market
9) military training area
10) military or militia building.
11) The Questors ( Gray Building is their garrison, red building is worship area,
buildings lettered Q1, Q2, and Q3 are the clerics’ home.)
12) G1/G2 redoubt area
13) storage buildings
14) East Gate
15) redoubt

Updated map: April 10, 2021

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