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level 1 rooms Sraa Keep


Sraa Keep level 1, Trillolara

Why yes, I did suddenly find a chart for magic fountains just before I started designing this scenario…

Room 1) 20’ × 30’ × 15’ at center 7’ high walls at sides: Guard Room

The 2 ghouls placed 100 cp on the floor and covered them mostly with dust to act as a lure for adventurers. Weapon racks on walls and in room: 6.5’ high x 6’-8’ long x 2’ deep all are empty except one has a mace +2 ( user/owner glows green in the dark) empty weapon racks. part of a chair. written on one of the weapon racks: “Do not wander”

Room 2) 30’ × 30’ entrance to first level

dusty, dirty, mud, leaves, no foot prints. Torch stub to left of entrance.

stairs number 1 connects this area to the surface. North secret door: two palm prints 4’ apart 4.5’ up from floor elf touch opens or Knock South secret door: palm print 3’ from floor gnome touch to operate or Knock if non-gnome touch, toucher gets 1d4+1 Magic Missile

Room 3) 30’ × 30’ empty

Type 1 demon

Opening the door to this room will bring the demon out of stasis. Will attack anyone opening the door as it was tormented by Strazl

Room 4) 10’ × 10’

my old map shows a monster, but I have no info as to what it might have been.

Room 5) 10’ × 10’ empty

West secret door: only opens from room 6

East secret door: opens when door in west wall is closed

Room 6) 30’ × 40’ store room

57 barrels: 4’ high x 2’ diameter

barrel 1: 75 percent full of what looks like gold pieces that when taken three miles from Sraa Keep revert to copper pieces (thousands of coins)
barrels 2-7: rye flour
barrels 8-18: dried apples
barrels 19-27: empty
barrels 28-38: salt
barrels 39-43: sunflower seeds
barrels 44-54: empty
barrel 55: 600 gp jewelry
barrel 56: 1,300 gp jewelry
barrel 57: 1,400 gp jewelry
owner/wearer of any of these jewelries, their eyes will turn red and glow in dark.Wont give nor interfere with Infravision. Cure Disease or Dispel Magic to get rid of these items.
East secret door: push on bottom

Room 7) 20’ × 30’ × 12’ embalming room

the stone block has very dried blood on it. Floor is dusty

North secret door: cannot be opened from this direction Elf runes on west wall: “Place of Rest before the Last” Rubbish pile Northwest corner:
under it is a Ring of Protection +4 AC/+2 SR; item is cursed.
Small children, dogs, and cats run from the wearer.
small slot on south side of the stone slab:
any hand placed inside will trigger needle traps
1d6 for number of needles.
1-2: 2 needles
3-4: 1 needle
5-6: 3 needles
each needle does 1d4 hp. If 3 needles are activated: victim must Saving roll vs. poison +2 if miss SR sleep for 2 weeks. Remove Curse to awaken before then.

Room 8) 50’ × 50’ × 15’ Burial room

21 coffins: 17 are 3’ × 6’; one is 4’ × 6’; one is 4’ 8’, two are 6’ × 8’

crypt marked ‘A’ contains 5 ghouls inside the crypt is a Scroll of Protection from Type 1, 2, and 3 demons and 50 pp

Room 9) 20’ × 60’ × 12’

Door in east wall is a trap: one Magic Missle (1d4+ 1) for each attempt to open, 2d4 +2 hp for third attempt. Its a false door.

Entrance door to room is a one-way door and if not blocked open it will close by itself. Door will take HP 30 at AC 10 to be opened. If it is hit more than 8 times:
a Gelatinous cube pops into room 93:
Only item in it is a dagger that detects as magic, but isn’t.
If a dwarf holds the dagger a Magic Mouth says:
“(belch !) Gee, you smell terrible runt !”
1-5 in 20 chance it will break each melee round if used in combat.

Room 10) 50’ × 60’ × 12’

3 bugbears, one long sword each

There are few ways to leave this room: 1) go to next level
2) wear Ring of Free Action within 5 feet of door,
3) use Knock on door
4) 2 cure light wounds on door
The stairs, number 2, go down to second level room 20

Room 11) 100’ × 20’ × 12’ ( 24,000 cubic feet) Meeting Room

2 rows of benches north to south, bench: 2’ × 6’, 16 benches
under front left bench is 2 jars of Keoghtum’s Ointment, 5 applications each.

under front right bench is a large spider large chair south end of room.
trapped: if moved all within room get 1d4+1 Magic Missle damage

Room 12) 20’ × 30’ × 12’ empty room

absolutely clean

Room 13) 20’ × 90’ × 12’ store room

west end: pile of stone blocks: 2’ × 2’ × 4’ pile is 20’ × 8’ high x 10’ deep

Inside the pile of blocks are: one pair Boots of Elvenkind east end: Fountain: Any who touch basin or water are compelled to drink. Its clean water, not magical.

Room 14) 20’ × 40’ × 12’ Chapel

8 benches 2’ × 6’ all face away from east end of room

basins NE and SE corners, 4’ × 4’ × 5’ high, no water Archer figure on South wall:
        6' tall human. The bow and quiver project from wall:
          Magic-User  touch: Magic Mouth 'thank you for freeing me"
          Illusionist touch: Magic Mouth 'thank you for freeing me"
          Cleric      touch: Magic Mouth 'thank you for freeing me"
          Druid       touch: Magic Mouth 'thank you for freeing me"
          Fighter     touch: fighter takes 1d6 hp.
          multi-class fighter: -100 experience points
figure disappears, bow and quiver of 6 arrows drop to floor. South secret door opens. Inside Sraa Keep the bow and the arrows are +6 to hit and damage each. Outside Sraa Keep the bow and arrows are +1 to hit and damage each.

Room 15) 40’ × 30’ × 12’ ( 14,400 cubic feet) Fountain room

Fountain in Southeast (SE) corner, 16’ radius basin 8’ radius

basin glows red, water glows blue If a character can reach the basin without touching water in main area, drinks will benefit the characters, otherwise detriment. 1 in 20 chance of falling in. If fall 1d4 hp damage to character. ( I used magic fountain tables from a magazine article.) a pearl can be found in the basin: Periapt of Proof against Poison +4, will become a permanent part of the character. The third PC to look at it, becomes GEASed to swallow it. ( No SR)

Room 16) 10’ × 30’ × 12’ ( 3,600)

3 barrels: 20” diameter x 4.5’ tall

1) 5,000 gp
2) empty
3) gray ooze
Secret door: pressure plate 10’ up, 3’ above door

Room 90) 10’ × 10’

North door see room 14:

South secret door will open when all of party are in this room, of course a large group wont all fit. Knock will also open the secret door.

Room 91) 10’ × 80’ × 12’ (9,600)


West Secret door: only open from room 8 crypt A or 2 Knocks Crypt A is the large ‘A’ on the map.
North secret door: only open if all of party are in alcove for room 99, then will open itself. Knock can be used as well.
East door: (trap) if tried Magic Missle d4+2 to opener.

Room 92) 10’ × 20’ empty

Room 93) 10’ × 10’ empty

east door: enter from room 9 only, or Knock

Room 94) 40’ × 10’ empty

dried blood on floor, any elf will recognize it as elf blood

cannot enter room 5 from this direction unless use Knock ( its a one-way door) East Secret door: if touched by PC under 5’ 10” tall, it will open.
any others take 1-3 hp.
after door opens the door becomes part of the wall. North door: push

Room 97) 30’ × 10’ × 12’

North secret door: pushes open from room 97, or use Knock

South secret door: 1. opens automatically if the earlier Periapt of Proof vs. Poison is found 2. 2 PC under 6’ 6” touch two blue plates on west wall. on west wall are some ceramic squares: ( 5 high x 4 wide) 4 blue, 4 green, 4 orange, 4 yellow: somewhat randomly on wall

Room 98) 10’ × 10’


East secret door: opens by gnome or elf touch

Room 99) 10’ × 10’ × 10’ alcove

see room 91 for opening secret door

Room 100) 10’ × 30’ ( smell of apricots outside room)

Ogre HD 4 +1
has a 9” pouch with a key that opens door on south wall.
Turn key to left to open.

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