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level 4 rooms Sraa Keep


Sraa Keep level 4, Trillolara

Room 46) 20’ × 110’ × 15’ another Fountain Room

Secret door to this room: opens if touched by magic ring

5 gargoyles
Fountain: 30’ × 20’ × 6’ Basin in back glows bright blue 6 feet above floor. Anyone attempting to destroy fountain will lose 1 hp, -1 to Intelligence, -2 to Wisdom, -3 Charisma, -2 Strength permanently.
        Anyone who climbs into pool to see what is in basin or in the pool,
         climbing in: 1d6 hp; move 3' in: 6 hp; move total of 6' in: 8 hp
           ; move total of  9' in: 7 hp; move total of 12' in: 10 hp
           ; move total of 15' in: 3 hp; move total of 15' in: 3 hp
           ; move total of 18' in: 6 hp; move total of 21' in: 9 hp
           ; move total of 24' in: 10 hp; move total of 27' in: 11 hp
           ; move total of 30' in: 12 hp; returning heals 1 hp/6 feet.
If touch water and bowl: 4d6 hp electrical damage, metal armor doubles damage. 300 cubic feet of water: if they use 12 Destroy Water spells, or Lower Water or Part Water take no damage. Or the character could use Levitate or Fly, etc. In the back of the bowl is: Ring of Free Action and Bucknard’s Everfull Purse ( 26 cp, 26 ep, 26 pp)

Room 47) 20’ × 20’

human, halfling, and gnome bones all over the floor

on east wall is a drawing of a laughing skull.
A sign under the skull says in common:
‘Cursed to they who steal my gold, your way out leads to death,
the way back leads to life.’
Exit doors will only open if PCs/NPCs go up to level 3 room 42 ( stairs 10)

Room 48) 20’ × 50’

3 giant weasels

Chest: 3’ × 3’ × 3’ lid is open; gold and silver can be seen from doorway: its 800 gp and 700 sp. false bottom: Thief must Find and remove Traps or 2d6 hp when remove covers: 250 pp, scroll Cure Serious Wounds ( 3) that only work inside Sraa Keep

Room 49) 30’ × 60’ Armory

Secret door cannot be kept open unless broken open or spiked open
with iron/steel spikes: it will close and turn to stone; 30 hp to break.

Any weapon taken from this room will have 50 percent chance to shatter
each monster fought in this dungeon, normal otherwise. Along all 4 walls are weapons racks: South wall: swords; radiate magic and all glow in the dark, but they are only Nystul’s Magic Aura
West wall: maces, same as the swords, except the rusty and bloody one on the floor, wont shatter and its a +4 weapon ( You can decide if they are foot soldier or horse/cavalry maces. I sometimes pre-designated one, other times I told the players it was a particular type if someone needed a horse/cavalry mace rather than a foot soldier’s mace.)
East wall: twenty 6’ long spears; first one is +1 cursed: any heal or cure spell -2/die rolled for the owner( minimum result of 1), regeneration wont work. Tenth is +2, but will shatter 10 percent chance vs. any monster in this dungeon. Rest are all normal spears, but will test same as other weapons in this room, i.e. using Identify.

Room 50) 50’ × 40’ × 15’ Torture Chamber

3 owlbears

Iron Maiden 4’ tall, Northwest (NW) corner Manacles on the south wall 3 Braziers near south wall with iron rods in them. Pit NE ( northeast) corner: 10’ × 18’ × 30’ deep.
full of 2’ spikes 2d6 hp plus SR vs. poison
blood everywhere, some of it fairly recent, any cleric can recognize it as human

Room 51) 30’ × 50’ 15’ Teleport sender room TS1

1st character into room gets sent to room 127

2nd gets sent to room 78 3rd gets sent to room 84 ( continue rotation between receive rooms until all characters that go into this room wind up in one of the 3 receiver rooms. )
All rooms are on this level.

Room 52) 8’ × 40’ empty

Fresco of Strazl Deathclaw

First Chaotic align that touch it, gets a Wish. First Lawful that touches it gets 2d10 hp
And any additional characters that touches it takes 2d10 hp
After 5 characters have touched it, it falls apart.
stairs, number 8, in this room lead up to level 3 room 33

Room 53) 20’ × 10’

door pushes open either direction

2 gargoyles
stairs north end of room ( goes up to level 3 or down to level 5) up stairs is number 9, down stairs is number 11. These are the only multi-level stairs in Sraa Keep.

Room 54) 10’ × 10’ empty

South door: pushes open from inside room 54, but not from direction of room 49

North door: pushes open from inside room 54, but not from hallway
Knock can be used for either door.

Room 55) 20’ × 30’ × 15’ empty

a large orange arrow is painted on the floor ( doesn’t do anything )

The projecting wall area moves up and to the left to block the passageway if there are any of the group left after room 51 is entered. Slab takes 50 hp of blunt weapon damage to break through.

Room 56) 20’ × 10’ empty

Trap A, marked in corridor south of this room:
1-15 in 20 activate trap: 6’ × 10’ × 10’ deep pit. 1d6 +2 hp

South secret door: will open automatically if Trap A is sprung, otherwise pivots in center.
East secret door: opens when all of party inside, or Knock

Room 57) 10’ × 50’

Trap B: 1-10 in 20 third person step on it triggers it.
3 spikes 6 inches long in the pit that opens up: 1d8 +3 hp
hit any armor class on a 19 or 20
The pit is 12’ deep, 6’ × 10’ wide

Spikes have a sleep poison on them: SR vs. poison +3 or sleep for 40 minutes
Chest: Thief can remove traps and prevent the Magic Missle attack: ( I know thieves cannot remove magic traps, but I forgot that during the design phase of this dungeon.)
d4+1 to all within 15 feet
700 gp; 3,600 sp
South secret door rolls up into ceiling if Trap B activated. otherwise Knock West secret door: push from east East secret door: push from west, Knock from East

Room 58) 20’ × 10’

East Secret door: activated by levers on south wall.
All 3 levers are down, 1 and 2 must be pushed up then down,
then 1, 2, and 3 are pushed up then down.
Door opens by sliding into floor. or Knock

North secret door can only be opened from room 57, or 2 Knocks

Room 59) 10’ × 30’ Lever Room

6 levers across the north wall at 2’ intervals

Using any lever starts a loud bell ringing.
East secret door: opened by pushing on any part of the door

Room 60) 10’ × 50’

Trap C: 1-8 in 20 fifth person or if not fifth person activate,
then roll again for when 6th person walks on it. 20’ drop. 2d6 +2 hp.
3 inch spikes. SR vs. Poison or sleep for 1 hour and lose
1 point from all attributes for 2 game-weeks.

South Secret door: open automatically if trap sprung, otherwise Knock.

Room 78) 10’ × 10’ empty

to spot thin area in wall:

gnome and dwarf 1-7 in 8
elf 1-4 in 6
half-elf 1-5 in 8

Room 79) 10’ × 10’ empty

stairs, number 7, near this room lead up to level 3 room 33

Room 80) 10’ × 10’ empty

Room 81) 10’ × 10’ empty

Room 82) 10’ × 10’ empty

Room 83) 10’ × 10’ empty

Room 84) 10’ × 10’ trap

any character comes into this room: 2d4 hp

Room 85) 10’ × 10’ trap

any character comes into this room: 2d8 hp

dead end

Room 86) 10’ × 10’ empty

stairs, number 6, near this room lead up to level 3 room 33

Room 127) 20’ × 30’ Teleport Reception TR1

3 Ghouls

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