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room 68 detail, level 5 Sraa Keep


Sraa Keep level 5 room 68, Trillolara

Room 68) book shelves

B bookshelf: 2’ deep x 6’ high x 6’ wide shelf 1. 50 scrolls historical records shelf 2. 60 scrolls elvish poetry, worth 1 sp each shelf 3. 1 book: ( green cover 10” × 3” deep x 18” wide, red lettering in unknown language ) Report on Man’s Superiority to Kobolds shelf 4. 90 scrolls Love Letters in Orcish shelf 5. 10 books: historical records, far lands, mystical past

C bookshelf: 2’ × 8’ × 6’ wide shelf 1. 50 scrolls: diary pages of day to day life in Sraa Keep shelf 2. 2 books: religious books, simple prayers, 6” × 5” × 10” shelf 3. 2 Tomes:

A: clerical spells: 20” high x 6” thick x 20” wide, written at 15th level Religious Tome: 10,000 xp or 53,334 gp Level 1: Curse, Command, Detect Good Level 2: Find Traps, Know Alignment, Spiritual Hammer Level 3: Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Speak with the Dead Level 4: Detect Lie, Exorcise, Tongues Level 5: Dispel Good, Plane Shift, True Seeing Level 6: Animate Object, Heal, Word of Recall level 7: Gate, Unholy Word, Resurrection
Key on small cord attached to tome. No keyhole visible. A hidden combination lock which when opened will cause keyhole to become visible. If any being but Strazl opens tome: a raspberry is heard by all, opener panics when they see elves. Summon Monster 4 is cast by the tome and 5 shriekers appear through out the room. Touch any ORANGE area on the book cover: touch causes a character to go Etheral starting the next adventure. It lasts for 5 rounds. There is a 75% chance it will occur any one hour but only once per adventure. to open: touch red oval in center of cover, then either one of the blue/radiant ovals to the left, then the keyhole will appear below the orange line. The key attached to the spine of the tome will fit this lock, then the spells take affect.

         B: Tome of Cold: 22” × 6” × 22”
             Cleric: Resist Cold
             Druid:  Control Temperature, 10’ radius
             Magic-User: Ice Storm, Wall of Ice, Cone of Cold,
                         Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere

Cleric: Control Weather Druid: Chill Metal, Weather Summoning, Control Weather Magic-User: Control Weather No locks apparent. Opening the book will cause the following spells to take affect. Random member of party missile weapons will always strike friends. Summon Monster 6 ( 2d4 for quantity). Reduce all prime requisites for opener by 3. shelf 4. 80 scrolls Dwarvish armor making, 50 gp each if sold to a dwarf armorer shelf 5. 10 scrolls Accountant records… columns of numbers

D bookshelf: 2’ × 10’ × 6’

shelf 1. scroll: Magic-User second level, written at twelfth level. 1. Continual Light, Detect Evil, Knock, Rope Trick, Web, Levitation 3,600 gp or 1,200 xp 9 scrolls tanning instructions for different types of hides. shelf 2. 90 scrolls indelible paper, Elvish poetry in Chaotic evil. shelf 3. 19 scrolls indelible paper, inventory of store rooms in CE fifth scroll looked at is: Magic-User written at nineth level: 1. Monster summoning 7 shelf 4. 7 books, herbals listing local plants and their supposed properties 4” × 6” 18” worth 5 gp each shelf 5. 80 scrolls Elvish poetry in wood elf and gray elf ( all tell of woe, and can cause depression in the reader)

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