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Tok the Adventurer: Brillar, Dank Forest, NPC


Tok the Adventurer ! Sounds neat hunh ? He is a big fake. Brags in the local Inns. Never to adventurers. Oh, he is capable, even if he is Fighter 1. He could level up, but he found it easier to pretend than actually go out and fight monsters.

He does have armour. Nice shiny sword. A helm. A shield. No adventures.

Backpack, proper gear. Wouldn’t do to have dirty used adventuring gear, except he found a nice spot to rub all of this gear into the dirt to show its been used.

Unfortunately for Tok, adventurers who have been inland spot the ruse right away. Tok rubbed his backpack in coastal sand. The land inland, where real adventurers go to adventure, the soil is dark and loamy. They realize Tok is a fraud. Which is why he avoids the real adventurers.

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