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level 8 rooms Sraa Keep


Sraa Keep level 8, Trillolara

Room 155) 60’ × 60’ × 30’ (108,000 cubic feet)

empty except for 2 doors…

Door A is actually a polymorphed monster. Touching the doorknob transforms it back to: Demon Type 6

Door B is a polymorphed Paladin Human, Lawful good female, level 8, no armor nor weapons. Her name is Dorothy Rillon. She has been missing for 10 years. Will join the party for one game year if given weapons and armor.

Room 156) 40’ × 60’ × 45’ ( 108,000 cubic feet)

ceiling glows blue at torchlight levels.

A 30’ high statue, on a 10’ wide pedestal, is in the center of the room.
It will speak as the party walks into the room:

The statue points to its right and says: “You must choose between the right way”, its arm drops. Then it points to its left and says “or the left way, (arm drops), either must be followed before the way North will open. You have one last chance for your salvation or your death. Go quickly now before the claw of death becomes impatient.”

If anyone whose gender has changed, touches the statue, their gender changes back to what it was when the character entered Sraa Keep.

Room 157) 20’ × 40’ × 30’ empty

but when party tries to leave, a problem occurs. See room 159

Room 158) 40’ × 30’ × 30’ ( 36,000 cubic feet))

a stone block shoves the party into this room. It then blocks off the exit
then the Wyvern appears. It stays blocked until either the wyvern or the party is dead.

1 wyvern

Room 159) 10’ × 10’ × 10’ Gelatinous Cube dispenser

the ceiling contains 3 of them.

After each is killed, the next one drops into the room. First one is the weakest,
last one is the strongest, most hp.

1) has 5 cp, 7 sp, 11 ep, 11 gp, 1 pp
2) has 9 cp, 13 sp, 6 ep, 8 gp, 5 pp, one 1,000 gp gem ( deep green)
3) has 15 cp, 6 sp, 4 ep, 15 gp, 5 pp, two 500 gp gems ( pale blue green),
one 1,000 gp gem (olive green)

Secret door 1-6 in 6, and opens 1-6 in 6.

Room 160) 40’ × 40’ × 30’ ( 48,000 cubic feet)

illusion of a liche near north wall.

will react to attacks, but will fade away in 5 minutes if not attacked.

Room 161) 90’ × 60’ × 30’ ( 162,000 cubic feet) Strazl Deathclaw’s resting place

a section of Force Field divides up the room. This field does not yield to the touch or show itself to be anything but a wall because of a Permanent Illusion.

Both can be dispelled at 50 percent minus 2 percent per level of caster below 23rd level

Strazl Deathclaw the Liche ( I had a set of pages with spells, etc,
but you can make up your own)

Gold Couch: worth 50,000 gp ( weighs 10,000 gp equivalent)

Chest: Fire Trap ( not harm treasure) 1d4 + 23 hp: -50 percent to find,
failure to remove detonates.
3,000 cp; 2,000 sp; 4,000 gp; Net of Entrapment; Bag of Tricks type 6-8;
Fochlucan Bandore ( bard instrument)

Chest: Fire Trap 1d4 + 23 hp

Small stairs leads up to a small area above room 162, so Strazl can watch his pet dragon attack intruders. He will attack if the dragon is killed.

Room 162) 70’ × 50’ × 40’ Strazl’s Pet’s room

a small red young dragon: 4 hp/die; 9 HD

one leg chained to floor.

Treasure: ( what Strazl allows it to have)

20,000 sp; ten 10 gp gems; five 50 gp gems; five 70 gp gems; eleven 100 gp gems; ten 1,000 gp gems; jewelry: five 2,000 gp jade bracelets; five 8,000 gp gold with gems; four 8,000 gp platinum with gems; five 167,000 gp platinum with gems; Potions of: Polymorph Self, Gaseous Form, Water Breathing, and Diminuation

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