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cistern room 101 and down to level 9 rooms Sraa Keep


Sraa Keep Cistern down from room 101, Trillolara

Separate cistern.

The cistern on level 6 lets down into the long cavern passage on level 9. It would be easy for the character party to miss the secret door. The hole in the floor on room 161 on level 9 lets down into the treasure room.

The exit does narrow. It becomes a nondescript opening in the ridge, on the south side of the ridge on the side towards Quasqueton.

Strazl Deathlcaw is responsible for a number of disappearences over the years. One of the rooms, 214, in the cistern down from level 6 room 101 has a teleport area that leads to Falla Keep room JJ, in Fondfield, Trillolara. That room under Falla Keep is a Gashtran spy nest and was discovered in a separate adventure.

The Chaotic Evil spy nest grabbed victim’s for Strazel to torment. In exchange, he let them have the teleport room here, and didn’t kill them.

Room 208) 30’ × 40’ × 10’

the opening is 10’ high. The chamber is empty except for a number
of bones of many types.

Room 209) 40’ × 25’ × 12’

the door opening is 10’ high.

2 large spiders

27 cp; 30 sp; 8 ep; 24 gp; 10 pp with the remains of several poorly armed remains

rusted short swords, daggers, remnants of leather armor, and helms

Room 210) 12’ × 30’ × 12’ – 30’ × 10’ × 12’

a number of small animal bones

Room 211) 10’ × 25’ × 8’

appears empty, but is the access to room 212.

Secret door opens to CN or CE touch only

Opening secret door will knock over 6 old helms which will
alarm the men in room 212

Room 212) 70’ × 30’ × 10’ ( 21,000 cubic feet)

three oil lamps light the area outside the wall areas

The walls the men below are behind are 2’ thick and go to the ceiling.

7 long bowmen, level 1 fighters, chain, long bow,
long sword, dagger, total 500 arrows

3 light crossbowmen, level 3 fighters. Splint, light crossbow,
long sword, dagger, total 300 quarrels

1 serjeant, level 5 fighter. plate +1 CE, long sword, foot soldier’s flail

1 magic-user, level 10, robe of protection +1, ring of protection +1,
dagger, Potion of Sweet Water, Wand of Magic Detection,
Ring of Protection +1 AC/SR, Figurines of Wondrous Power: Golden Lions

1 cleric, level 12, splint +1, Robes of Scintillating Colors,
Periapt of Proof Against Poison +2, Foot soldier’s flail +2,
Potion of Fire Resistance, 3 Potions of extra Healing
made by a Cleric of the Hooded Ones.

The job of the men-at-arms is to disrupt magic attacks while the
cleric and magic-user use spells to attack the intruders.

This group makes forays outside, from time to time, to capture
victims for Strazl to torture. Really despicable bad guys.

There are several clay pots hanging from the ceiling outside the walled areas. They contain monster burn oil. The bow/crossbow users practice hitting them. There are metal and stone shutters to block the flames from the men who live here. After the flames have died down, then the shutters are opened and the survivors are dealt with.

This is part of a spy nest from Gashtra. The rest are under Falla Keep room JJ in Fondfield.

This is an escape route for the ones under Falla Keep, if the Gashtra teleport poles fail. They would still be inside Trillolara for at least 2 days of travel.

The spiral stairs lead down to the lower guard room 214.

Room 213) 30’ × 30’ × 10’ empty

rough cave.

Secret door: touch by any chaotic alignment

Room 214) 40’ × 50’ × 10’ Lower guard room

same as room 212 with monster burn oil flasks on the ceiling outside the walls

      12 longbowmen, fighter level 1, chain, long bow, long sword, dagger,
           700 arrows total
       6 light crossbowmen, fighter level 3, chain, light crossbow, long sword, dagger,
            500 quarrels total
       6 fighters, level 3, splint, bastard swords, dagger +1, club
       4 serjeants, fighter level 5, plate +1 CE, Long sword +1 CE,
          throwing axes 2 each
       1 magic-user, level 7, robe, Cloak of Protection +1,
          Staff of Striking, dagger
       1 illusionist, level 9, robe, Ring of Protection +2 CE, staff, dagger,
          Wand of Illusion
       1 cleric, level 9, plate +3, shield +1, foot soldier's mace +3, dagger +1
None of them live here, the sleeping quarters are in room JJ under Falla Keep as this is only a remote watch post.

The teleport poles lead to room JJ under Falla Keep.

The teleport poles glow green. If this group feels they are going to lose, they will teleport out and key the gate to become a trap.

Trap gate: will send any who pass through it to room L under Falla Keep.

There is a pressure plate, 1’ square, in front of the posts. The first time it is pressed, the trap will remain for 30 turns. As long as the plate is not pushed again, the trap will revert to normal usage. If it is pushed again, the teleport gate is trapped for 24 hours. For every time it is pushed after that, the delay is doubled.

Room 216) 30’ × 60’ × 12’ empty

Room 217) 60’ × 30’ × 15’

carrion crawler

will wait until a character is fully within the 3’ high section, then attack.

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