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cistern room 161 and down to level 9 rooms Sraa Keep


Sraa Keep Cistern down from room 161, Trillolara

The cistern on level 6 lets down into the long cavern passage. It would be easy for the character party to miss the secret door. The hole in the floor on room 161 on level 9 lets down into the treasure room.

The exit does narrow. It becomes a nondescript opening in the ridge, on the south side of the ridge on the side towards Quasqueton.

Strazl Deathlcaw is responsible for a number of disappearences over the years. One of the rooms, 214, in the cistern down from level 6 room 101 has a teleport area that leads to Falla Keep room JJ, in Fondfield, Trillolara. That room under Falla Keep is a Gashtran spy nest and is discovered in a separate adventure.

The Chaotic Evil spy nest grabbed victim’s for Strazel to torment. In exchange, he let them have the teleport room here, and didn’t kill them.

Room 216) about 77’ x about 44’ × 15’ empty

Room 217) about 60’ x about 30’ × 15’

giant snake

Room 218) 50’ × 40’ × 20’

bones, armor, weapons, stinks of decayed bodies.

100 gp found after 5 minute search by 3 or more characters.

Room 219) 36’ × 43’ × 7’ empty

Room 220) 65’ × 38’ × 9’

several small animal bones and carcasses

2 giant spiders

scattered on floor: 1,250 cp

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