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Trillolara, Geography and resources


A nice pastoral farming nation, except when they are being invaded or one of the left over evil places acts as a rallying point for Evil.

Rolling hills on three sides, ocean on the other border.


Animals: horses, cattle, rabbits. Some deer.

Food: grains like wheat, rye, and corn. Olives and apples. Various beans.

       farm land: wheat, corn, rye, cattle, deer, vegetables, other typical farm animals

forests: many small forested areas, pine, oak. Krini Forest, especially the northern section, is to be avoided. Those that live there don’t tolerate anyone walking through this forest. To get from Dtillan Orsti to Delta, you must travel by ship. water: many small streams, several rivers. Many town wells are possible. mountains: no mountans, but several ridges and small hills. typical terrain: rolling hills with grasslands, a number of flat areas. farms, a number of abandoned villages and keeps. Many not in use for over 100 years. imports: they get fish fillets from Grand Isle of Karenth.

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