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No Ducks dungeon 03


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There are no ducks in this dungeon. Really.

zip file with map and room text 3 megabytes

Room 1) 40’ × 60’ × 10’ + 20’ × 20’ × 10’ chicken in a cage, green glowing chicken. Guarded by 3 skeletons, and an ogre around the corner.

To open the secret door, get the chicken to make a normal chicken sound. Like clucking.

Room 2) 30’ × 30’ × 30’ a green glowing chicken, in a room with 3 chests. It is mostly hidden behind a broken table. Must be larger than a typical chicken then. It attacks if any one goes near it.

One chest has 5 gold, 27 silver, and 5 copper pieces in it. The other two are empty.

3) 60’ × 70’ × 30’

Two open pits, a cloudy area of smoke, and a barrel.

A slightly magic fountain.

drink 1) nothing

drink 2) character grows a dwarf beard

drink 3) character receives 5 gold pieces

Then the water disappears.

The barrel, contains rotting apples.

4) 30’ × 50’ × 10’ A broken table.

A stone golem guards two chests.

One chest has 275 gold, 23 platinum, and 200 copper pieces.

The square chest has two daggers +1, and a ring of water walking.

5) 30’ × 40’ × 10’ some small pieces of wod debris. Dusty.

6) 30’ × 50’ × 10’ A water well.

Guarded by 3 ogres.

To get into rooms 7 and 8, the characters must search for secret doors. All of them either push on the left side, or push down to open them.

7) 30’ × 50’ × 15’ former treasury

Smoke appears to be coming from a chest, but it is an illusion.

Chest contains: 1,000 silver, 375 gold, and twenty 150 gp gems.

The pit is 10’ × 10’ × 10’ deep. In the south wall is a small compartment with a small box in it. The box is of fine wood, and contains a necklace worth 1500 gp, and a ring of protection +1. The box is worth 25 silver.

Leave the pit quickly after finding the box, as it will close up and the character will be trapped.

8) a flattened Zee shaped room. Dusty and otherwise empty.

9) 40’ × 60’ × 10’ dusty, and empty, but.

Staying here longer than a few minutes, the adventurers will hear warnings of ‘His Majesty Approaches !’. The longer they stay, the louder, then they will stop for approximately 10 minutes. Then continue.

10) a former formal room. Two ornate pillars and some wood debris.

Both pillars are hollow with small compartments. There are small broken wood boxes in each one, nothing left of value.

11) 60’ × 50’ × 10’ burial chamber of royalty. Queen in one, and a king in the other. Anything of value has long since been pilfered.

The statue will say ‘Beware !’ whenever anyone enters the room, but do nothing else.

12) 50’ × 60’ × 30’ treasure chest on a stone pedestal. Something is in the water.

The chest contains 100 platinum, 250 gold, and 23 silver pieces.

The water is 5’ deep around the edge, and 30 feet deep otherise.

12A) 10’ × 20’ × 10’ empty of all but dust.

12B) 20’ × 20’ × 10’ 5 skeletal remains.

12C) 20’ × 30’ × 10’ a number of dried blood splotches.

13) 130’ × 30’ × 30’ moss covered floor. the former treasury, additional. There used to be 4 stone golems here. The two piles of rock are all that remain.

2 stone golems.

One chest, pieces of what must have been the crowns. About 150 gp worth of golds and silver left. And gems are gone.

second chest opened. About 100 copper pieces, and two msall gets worth about 65 gp each.

The third chest is locked. It has blood splotches on it. whom ever that blood belonged to, must have been trying to open it when they were attacked. Contains 4 bracelets wrth 250 gp each. 55 platinum pieces of unusual look. Might be worth more than face value to a collector.

14) L-saped room. Moss covered floor. Damp.

15) 50’ × 50’ × 10’ a moss covered floor.

Storage barrels and urns. Nothing of value left.

16) a former throne room. 30’ × 50’ × 20’

The throne weighs about half a ton. If the characters can get it to town intact, it is worth one thousand platinum pieces. Otherwise, about 200 platinum.

The two wood stools are worth about 2 copper pieces each.

The blue statrue is a guard. AC 2, hits for 1d6 per arm. 2 attacks per round. Moves at a 9 inch speed. Has 3 HD and 18 hit points.

17) 60’ × 30’ × 10’ Impossible to tell, but it was the royal bedroom.

A few small gold threads might be found after a game hour of searching. Worth about a gold piece total.

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