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No Ducks dungeon 02


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There are no ducks in this dungeon. Really.

zip file with map and room text 3 megabytes

1) 70’ × 30’ × 10’ Entrance room. 5 wooden chairs, a rug, 2 wood benches, 2 cauldrons.

Move the right hand cauldron to get to the secret door. To open the secret door, push on the wall and it will slide into the floor.

2) 30’ × 50’ × 10’ Museum. Most items are gone. A moldy former fish tank on the south wall.

A cabinet on the north wall. The brazier has coals burning in it.

Broken tables and wood debris.

3) a cave about 200’ x about 100’ × 15’ high in the center.

Rock debris. Deep water pond. Apparently nothing in the water, but there could be.

3A) a side cave. About 35’ × 80’ × 10’

Empty of all but dust.

4) Guest room. 40’ × 30’ × 10’ Looks freshly furnished. A bed, rug, bath tub, jake, a dressing table. Two storage cabinets. Debris of wood, cloth, a wood bowl, and a skeleton. No chairs.

5) Guest room. 40’ × 30’ × 6’ Bed, rug, fireplace, curtains, jake and chair, wood debris, a dressing table and a chair. The fireplace is warm to the touch, but any ashes and wood have apparently been removed.

6) Guest room. 40’ × 30’ × 20’ Looks freshly furnished. Bed, rug, dressing table and chair, fireplace. Wood debris with skeleton and some cloth.

7) Guest room. 20’ × 40’ × 10’ Looks freshly furnished. Jake and rug out in the open. The curtain looks like it has been moved to its current location. A bed and 3 boxes.

8) Dinning Room. Circular 72’ × 20’ The three bulls and three skeletons, along with a small pig. The pig is the most dangerous, and most hungry. There were four bulls. Chairs without tables, and four tables with 6 chairs each. A smaller table with three chairs. Secret door to the west, push up to open.

9) linen closet. 30’ × 50’ × 10’ Eight storage cabinets with rotted sheets and rotted pillow cases in them. A smal lpile of wood debris. Three spear boxes with spears in them. The secret door hides a short passage with a chest in it. Push down to open the secret door from this room. The hallway doesn’t go into this small passageway, but it will sound hollow when the wall is tapped.

10) kitchen. 50’ × 100’ × 15’ Two burners, one has had something awful smelling cooked on it recently. Two food preparation benches and various kitchen knives and other tools. Two storage cabinets on the west side. Six small tables scattered about the room.

11) Armorer’s room. 30’ × 40’ × 10’ with a hole in the ceiling. A burner with a pile of coal. Two cheaply made tar and wood storage boxes.

12) Storage. 30’ × 30’ × 10’ Three chairs and six chests. The chests are empty.

13) Unknown purpose. 30’ × 30’ × 10’ Wood debris. Small wood worms, wont attack, in the wood.

14) Unknown purpose. Could have been a guard room at one time. A skeleton and blood splotches.

Secret door east side. Anyone touch the walls, it will open.

15) Possible store room. 40’ × 40’ × 10’ Red brick floor. Wood debris. A broken crate. Nine small crates.

Two of the small crates have 10 or 20 copper pieces. One of the others has a 75 gp gem in it. The rest are empty.

16) Storage. 40’ × 30’ × 10’ brick floor. Some bricks might be loose. Nine boxes.

Two boxes have rotted clothing. One large box has a small pouch which contains a ring of fire resistance and 23 gold pieces.

17) Odd-shaped room.

3 bugbears hiding behind a curtain. Armed with spears.

A blue glowing skull is on the floor near the entrance lobby.

A torch lights up the broom.

17A) 30’ × 30’ × 15’ a smaller torch.

A chest, locked, a few copper pieces. False bottom contains 55 gold pieces, 15 silver pieces.

Chest in the upper right corner contains a small shield +1. Locked.

18) Barracks for the guards. Too far away to protect the entrance. Seven beds and rugs. Seven storage cabinets. Debris with possible former guards under the piles. A few copper pieces and silver pieces scattered about the bunks.

19) Weapons storage. 30’ × 30’ × 10’ Mostly empty boxes, but there are a few swords and spears here. Four chairs. And a torch that is about to go out. One of the spears, a 6’ one is +2, the rest are ordinary.

20) Treasury. 80’ × 50’ × 10’ Where the guest payments were kept. This room is behind several secret doors and passageways.

Chest: 190 gold pieces, 15 platinum, 150 copper.

A) Chest: Leather armor +1, 30 silver pieces.

B) Chest: chain +1, shield +1, 95 copper pieces

C) Barrel: a mix of coins, under some apricots. 5 gold pieces, 60 silver, 100 copper pieces.

The rest are empty.

21) 70’ × 40’ × 10’ a minotaur has been tasked to guard the two chests.

One chest has 500 copper pieces.

The other has 360 copper pieces.

22) Circular room. 40’ × 10’ wood debris.

23) Storage. 20’ × 30’ × 10’ wood debris.

24) 30’ × 10’ × 8’ Storage room. dusty and wood debris.

25) 30’ × 10’ × 12’ Storage room. a corpse, and dust with a few spider webs.

26) 20’ × 10’ × 20’ Storage room. empty of all but dust. Scratches on the floor, like something heavy was dragged across it.

27) 20’ × 10’ × 10’ Storage room. empty of all but dust. Has an odd smell to it. Not rotted, but close to it.

28) Hidden passageway. Secret doors require any adventurer’s touch, but not by a human.

The chest contains a long sword +1, and a few copper pieces.

29) a short room. 30’ × 10’ × 10’ full of dust and small spiders with their webs.


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