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Trillolara, government


The ‘king’ is now a Bard of 23rd level.

Before this change, the King and Queen were Monarchs, with some feed back from a Counsel of Peers.

It is possible for adventurer Bards to become leader of Trillolara.

A constitutional monarchy run by a parliment. The king serves 15 years and a new king is elected by the Upper House. This Upper House is called The Voters. The King and The Voters write the treaties and take care of external affairs.

The Lower House is called the Common House. They control the treasury and run the country in peace time. A Voter is a citizen that has an annual income of 100 gold pieces or more. A Common House member represents any one of the guilds or professions, including adventurers.

The King is always at least a twenty-third level Bard. Most of the military district commanders are henchmen or hirelings of the present king. All mayors are elected by the local populations.

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