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Broom, Kingdom of Chel, Zor


Some Links for B/X ( D&D Basic and Expert.)

A small town on the edge of Shorn Forest. Gathering place for adventurers heading into the wild. Ruins and monoliths await them.

A small general store, a small Inn with few rooms.

Town watch stands guard in the 4 towers. Armed with bows and swords. Leather or chain mail. One sargant in chain with sword. Town cannot afford shields, but will gladly accept such in a donation.

Town mayor and two assistants.

One town guard and one general store assistant knows first aid and can set broken bones, take care of stomach upset, etc.


M: Malitia homes, or retired adventurers.
Mer: Merchant’s homes.
S: various shops

There are elves in some of the halfling style homes.

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