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Windows 10 update crashed my computer


Update, 2019. My computer works fine now, in spite of updates I have no use for.

It shouldn’t take 5 hours for my computer to shut down. It worked fine until an update on October 13, 2017.

I did a reset, and during reinstall of all my commercial software, I went to shut down. I had update and restart, shutdown, and shutdown with update as options. I didn’t want to wait so I selected shutdown. Five hours later it is still saying ‘Shutting Down’ with the little dots spinning in a circle. So I shut the computer off.

This is the same thing that happened Friday happened again on Sunday. Took me two days to partially get my computer back to working. Then the stupid MS Windows 10 did it again. Updated using a broken update. Now my computer is down again.

I did a web search. None of the sites I visited talks about this. They only mention computers that have been upgraded to win 10.

My computer came with Windows 10. I want my money back.


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