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comments about other PHP CMS


I was looking around the Internet for various other CMS to see what was available.

1) If you say free, its at no cost, not as in freedom. It should be clearer on your main page of your site promoting your CMS.

2) When I do a search for ‘free php cms’ and it goes to your blogging software, something is wrong.

3) No need for fancy names I have no clue what you are talking about. If its an article or post, don’t call it eki and expect me to know what that means.

4) In Textpattern to add a category I just go to the menu Content, select Category, and add them. If I have to go to my domain account, or my home computer, and edit one or more php files to add one category, you need to add the code to your basic core and stop expecting users to do your job for you. Or just state you are still in Beta.

5) While some CMS I looked at had a wonderful site to show off what it can do, I shouldn’t be smacked in the face by suddenly understanding thats heavily customized and requires I learn a programming language to get those abilities. Again, I have no time to do your work for you.

I have more, but I have better things to do. Like watch television.


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