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No Ducks dungeon 01


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There are no ducks in this dungeon. Really.

zip file with map and room text 4 megabytes

1) 105’ × 50’ × 10’ + 55’ × 45’ × 12’ Entrance room.

3 ogres have taken up residence. They are behind a broken wagon and some lumber.

Rock debris on the floor. 4 torches on the walls.7 broken tables, this must have been where the original inhabitants met newcomers.

A small chest in the corner. Locked, the ogres haven’t noticed it behind the debris because various animals and monsters keep wandering in to see if the place is inhabited.

50 gold pieces, 65 silver pieces.

Secret door on east side. Push on the left side of it to open it.

Lots of noise will attract the 2 giant beetles in room 6.

2) 50’ × 52’ × 15’

Two toilets behind curtains.

Two ghostly tables and 3 ghostly chairs. The three bottles on the one table are real.

Green liquid cure light, one time.

Orange liquid, gives a fighter +2 to hit for one combat

Blue liquid, gives drinker a blue glow for one game hour.

Round Mosaic is cut into the floor. Anyone standing on it will cause it to rotate slightly, then the secret door opens.

Two of the brown and green storage cabinets have a few silver and copper coins in them. The other has a flint dagger +1.

Door on the west wall, has a pull handle on the right side.

3) 30’ × 70’ × 12’

Two mold areas. 5 rock debris piles fallen from the ceiling.

Two moldy giant ants. One is behind a cage with a trap door under it. The trap door leads to a small 10’ × 10’ × 5’ deep hole. Currently empty.

The greenish cow is friendly, but will attack if attacked.

4) 35’ × 28’ × 10’ To enter, characters must finish digging the passageway into this room.

2 open pits with spikes. 2 open pits with no spikes. Two cages. A ghostly chair. The character that drank the earlier blue liquid can sit in it and relax. other characters will receive an electric shock, but only take one hit of damage.

a) locked, contains 75 gold, 120 silver, two 100 gp gems.

b) empty

c) contains a short sword +1, a ring of water walking, 250 gold

5) 38’ × 46’ × 15’

A ghostly bar and a ghostly pantry/food storage shelving.

Two chests on west wall.

One has 25 gold, 65 silver, 81 copper pieces.

Two has 33 gold, and a scroll of Protection from Undead.

One amphora has a small amount of clean water in it about a liter/quart, the rest are empty.

The table has 6 bottles on it. They could be potion bottles or just empty.

6) 35’ × 34’ × 15’

Three skeletons, food for the beetles.

2 large beetles. If they hear loud noises in room 1, they will break the wooden door and attack. They are just as likely to attack the ogres as adventurers. They are getting hungry.

one of the chests on the east wall has 6 gold, 25 silver, and 100 copper pieces, the rest are empty. All are locked.

The two crates along the south wall are unlocked and empty. Easy to use and carry, wooden handles on both ends.

7) 30’ × 31’ × 10’

A topiary carved to look like a dragon. A slight wind comes from around it, sounding like a sigh.

Two wooden crates. One has a long sword and the other has a foot mace. While they detect as magic, they aren’t magical.

8) 46’ × 46’ × 10’

4 giant beetles.

7 bones of orcs.

Pit in the northeast corner. Lets into a small 10’ × 10’ × 10’ room. Contains a small dagger +1 and 25 silver pieces.

9) 45’ × 45’ × 10’

A topiary carved to look like a dragon. Doesn’t move.

behind the partition are 2 deer like topiary.

A gargoyle is near them. It will try to pretend to be a topiary, but it is dark blue rather than green. It really just wants to leave, but if attacked it will defend itself.

cracks in floor. 15% chance for anyone/any being stepping on them to lose their footing and fall down.

Secret door east side: push down, it will slide down into the floor.

10) 27’ × 25’ × 10’

The mosaic will squeak, like there is metal something under it, but it is only a programmed illusional sound.

11) 25’ × 25’ × 10’

A grate with no visible trap or pit under it.

A cage with 4 partially eaten apples inside. No lock on the door. A druid or ranger might realize it held a gargoyle at one time.

Two small leather bags. Small amounts of low value coins. About 1 gold piece equivalent total.

12) 36’ circular room x 20’ high.

Portcullis, controlled by the ogre.

Ogre was told to guard the room. He eventually checked the room and found nothing of value. So he doesn’t trust anyone who put him here to guard. May, or may not, be open to negotiation.

Two braziers. The south one blocks access to a secret door. Moving it will cause the secret door to slide into the wall sideways.

13) 36’ × 25’ × 10’

10 skeletons, cannot be turned by a first level cleric. They are wearing medallions that will block that attempt.

3 grates, nothing under them.

small pile of bags and coins southwest corner.

250 copper pieces, twenty-three 50 gp gems, 43 gold and 68 silver pieces. One ring of fire resistance.

14) 30’ circular room, 30’ high.

Two braziers and a pool of greenish water.

All 3 detect as magic, but nothing happens no matter what the characters do to them.

Time and spell waster.

15) 30’ circular room x 10’ high.

5 giant rats in a time stasis. One brazier. No treasure. entering the room breaks the stasis.

16) 17’ × 28’ × 10’

each chest as roll 1d4 1) no treasure 2) 50 gp 3) 50 silver 4) 50 copper pieces.

17) 17’ × 28’ × 10’

One crate contains 23 gold, and 50 copper pieces.

The two piles of coins are stuck together. And worth about 15 gold pieces each pile. Most merchants and money changers will refuse them unless broken up into useful bits. Melting will just mix the metals together. They are mostly copper.

18) an L-shaped room. About 8 feet to dig into rooms 6 and 17 entrance area where the mosaic is located.

Any character that stands on the mosaic between room 16 and room 17 will feel dizzy for 2 game turns ( 20 game minutes )

19) 42’ × 48’ × 10’

3 ghouls. One out in the open, the other 2 behind pillars.

4 remains of previous victims.

a bubbling pool of deep blue liquid. If drunk, 5% chance one random stat of 1d4 characters that drink, will go up +1 or down -1.

20) 37’ × 8’ × 8’

To continue on into room 10, digging will be needed. East wall sounds hollow if tapping is done on it.

21) 7’ × 33’ × 10’ Tapping on the south wall, a hollow sound. 2 to 3 feet of digging to reach room 22.

22) 8’ × 12’ × 10’ a small alcove to room 5. Dusty. No footprints.

23) 30’ × 8’ × 8’ Door into room 3 push plate on the left side.

Tapping on the west wall will sound hollow.

24) a room with secret doors at both ends.

blood splotches on the floor.

Push up on either secret door and it will slide up into the ceiling.


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