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Chel, Kingdom of Gesh


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The capital city of this kingdom. Also the major seaport.

At the head of Kralo Bay sits a large city. Ancient. The Shorn Forest is nearby. Wood elves and human rangers live there. The bay is 160-390 miles wide and about 800 miles long.

Chel likes to think of itself as a Kingdom, it is many years older than the Kingdon of Ghesh. The royalty of Ghesh are of a different mind.

population is 20,000

12,000 humans
4,000 elves
2,000 half-elves
1,000 dwarves
500 gnomes
500 halflings

Approximately 1,000 adventurers in the city. Up to 1,000 more adventurers in the Kingdom.

updated map: July 12, 2015.

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