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Inn of the Three Wells, Triwell, Braydont


Owners: Gort and Lory Fulnar humans Sheila and Fill Fulnar are their young adult kids learning the trade of Inn Keeper.

Jenny, Linda, and Lory serve the food. Helia is cook, Drud and Ptrano are assistant cooks.

Rooms: 5 gp per week for the dorm 20 gp per week for a double room 40 gp per week for a single room


bowl of beef and barley soup 5 cp roast goose: 7 cp bean soup 2 cp fried rabbit: 2 sp large salad 6 sp bread, half loaf: 5 cp cake, 2 layer 4 sp cookies 2 cp each , with frosting 8 sp ale, pint 7 cp beer, pint 4 cp , new, pint, 2 sp wine, pint 1 gp cheese, 1 pound 2 sp pies: cherry, apple, peach, raspberry 7 sp mint cakes 3 sp goat, baked, half 3 gp

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