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Dtillan Orsti, Trillolara


Dtillan Orsti area information

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  • Parks

    poor areas

    Travelers' path

    Fondfield is down and to the right, southeast, of this area. Dwarf Home is up North. Hommlet is off to the South. The player characters journeyed by trail on to Dwarfbas. There they set up for their adventures in Dwarf Home.

    This map was drawn using a 5 mile hexagon based on the Judges Guild Campaign Hexagon System maps.

    The squares are 500 feet by 500 feet.

    Map showing the different areas within Dtillan Orsti. Map redone Feb 20, 2015.

    Pa = Park
    Po = Poor
    Ri = Rich
    Mi = Military

    Travelers’ Path is the safest way from travelers and adventurers to go from the seaport to the interior and vice-versa. Safest way ? Yes, Dtillan Orsti is old, much older than many towns, cities, and nations. A rather dangerous place if a character gets involved in local politics. Sallor and Fondfield are days travel away. Their influence is much diminished here.

    The areas not marked are too small to show on this map.

    When I get them updated to CC3, I’ll post the geomoprhs that go with the different parts of this city.

    Dtillan Orsti area

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