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Links checked and updated on March 28, 2016.

Epic-Table VTT | Lorelei’s Cartography | Footprints magazine | Grognard’s blog

Tolrendor DM’s blog |author: Ryk E. Spoor | Headless Horse Archer 1E AD&D | Raven_Crowking’s blog 1E AD&D | Mad Irishman Productions character sheets, etc. | Old School Fantasy gaming site | World of Blackmoor | Inkwell Ideas: World building | Official CC3 Faq from Profantasy | Shouting into the Void (D&D) | CoastCon: Biloxi, Mississippi sf, gaming convention

Candlekeep: The Library of Forgotten Realms Lore

OAD&D, D&D, LA and much more ORIGINAL material!

Some game rules that look interesting:

Basic Fantasy RPG | OSRIC | I use IrfanView logo by Gismo to make my thumbnail pictures. Its a great free graphic converter program. | Profantasy blog | Cartographers Guild: A forum for cartography enthusiasts.

Low-fantasy Population Generator | Maps and More | Jhendor | John’s site CC2 symbol challenge, maps, tutorials | Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro Community Map Repository | offline search engine for Campaign Cartographer mailing list | Ancient Scripts languages and their sounds, writings, etc. maps, tutorials, etc. | Sir Beef AD&D pages has popups. | RPG-Gate DE a German Language D&D site

A nice tutorial in a zip file by Profantasy on Combine Path to Poly. 64 Kilobyte Winzip file

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