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Arcology, Goblin Cave 02


Second Goblin Cave. 500’ × 400’

Rooms 1 and 2 are about 50 feet above the main floor. Archers from here can fire into anyone or group in the main city cave.

Rooms 1 through 7 are the main level. Rooms 8 through 14 are above the main level and are 5’ to 30’ above the main floor.

Between rooms 7 and 12 are secret doors consisting of boulders. Some are hollow.

Room 7 has 14 barrels for food storage. There might be a dead adventurer or two in there, along with their gear.

Room 13 has cook fires and firewood.

Hidden entrances in the large boulders in room 7 lead down to the main level and up to level 3.

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