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No Adult material site may use anything of mine.

Some of the maps on this site were made with older versions of Campaign Cartographer. The newer ones with version 3+.

Copyright. Note that all of my own work is copyright, it is not to be used for commercial purposes without my written permission. If you want to use these maps for your own campaign, go right ahead but you must mention that you got them from this site. I do not claim copyright on anything owned by someone else.

This is a world I drew up on paper years ago. I have added a bit to it.

Started out small. I bought a module. Yeah, I know. Lots of folks don’t like them. But I chose to use one as a starter.

That way I knew that much of the module would be something to teach me how to be a dungeon master, i.e. game referee.

I first encountered AD&D ™ in 1978. Tunnels and Trolls ™ rpg in 1979.

This particular game world has a few oddities about it. Most beings in this game world, good, evil, neutral, mediocre, outstanding, think this world is a sphere. Other beings aren’t certain.

In my campaign, Identify could only show a result of ‘few’ for +1 or +2, ‘several’ for +3 or +4, or ‘many’ for +5 or +6 items. Determining exact pluses and charges for items was impossible, unless a Wish or Limited Wish was used. Most +6 items are unique. If broken, they are gone forever.

It has a few surprises. Like forested lands above the tree line, or where tundra should be.

Of course, that could be magic, or it could be technology of such a level, it appears to be magic.

I hope you enjoy my pages, no popups and no music here. Please note that my maps and PNGs are on various pages, so all pages load faster. I know that many folks out there are still on dialups slower than 33Kb and many folks around the world pay by the minute for dialup time.

I’ve tried to look at other RPG sites, but some have so many graphics that I have a hard time loading the pages ! I could mention frames… or ‘best at resolution’ or best using a certain browser or pages so wide I would need a much larger screen to read the page comfortably without scrolling from side to side. Yawn. Boring boring. I’ll look elsewhere.

Our games were run from January 1980, until about 1986. Here I’ll place the maps, towns, and other locations for their adventures. I’ll leave out stats for monsters and the player characters. If I used a module, I always modified them as some of my players bought and memorized everything, I’ll place a locator on the map with the name of the module and the company that wrote it, but I wont detail the module otherwise. An example of some of the modifications I did was to move the major treasures for a module to a different area of the dungeon/site. Sometimes I moved or changed various corridors, making sure it didn’t weaken or over-defend the area by me play testing it using NPCs I rolled up.

I have added large areas not in my original campaign.

The maps and pngs are linked from the sitemaps and the pages for the various nations. Some of the ‘maps’ are map legend pages and game coin pages. Fondfield, in Trillolara, has shops and an Inn detailed. I am slowly, as I have time, adding more maps to this site. Why haven’t I done more ? I work on these maps and pages as I have time. But I’m sure you have noticed I do work on them on a regular basis. Dwarf Home dungeon maps are going along at a nice pace.

Mostly this will be the game world locations I ran at home. I did run games at various game stores and at one convention, but those were not always in the same game world or they were scenarios created just for that one time. Like the time some AD&D player characters at a convention started out in my AD&D Universe and wound up in my TOON Universe. Except for the TOON scenario, I’ll probably detail the other games here. It will depend on how much spare time I have. The TOON game had an Infinite Plane anyway…

I hope you enjoy these pages. Note that much of what you read here is what the players know, not necessarily what I know about it. I’ll probably elaborate on some nations as I go. Some areas the players didn’t know about or didn’t visit, I’ll elaborate about them here for the first time.

Note on secret doors in my maps: they are secret in both directions, unless the description says otherwise.

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