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Broady's Inn and Board, Broom, Kingdom of Chel


Broady’s Inn and Board
( sort of like a room and board place.)

Common room, 1 cp per night, floor space

Dorm room, 1 gold piece per night, blanket and breakfast.

No private rooms. Common room is where everyone is fed. Sleepers here are awakened when ever the cook gets to the kitchen.

No menus. Meals are for residents, over night sleepers, only.

Basic meals: bacon and eggs for breakfast, 2 gold for anyone not sleeping in the Dorm room.

Mid-day meal: sliced beef and bread. wirh locally made cheese, 1 gp
without cheese 8 sp

Evening meal: corn soup and crackers, followed by chicken or goat, half loaf of bread 3 gp

Dinks extra:

diluted beer 3 cp
beer 1 sp
cheap wine 2 sp

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