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Sam's General Store, Broom, Kingdom of Chel


Sam’s General Store ( Run by Sam and two assistants)

Open an hour after sunrise, and closes two hours before sunset.

Many other items for local consumption like overalls, gloves, hats, boots, sewing materials and items. Frontier town.

Other items can be ordered, takes a month or two to arrive.

Axe 3 gp
Rake 2 gp
Shovel, wood 1 sp , iron 2 gp

Lantern, common 2 gp
( holds a candle)

Candles, 1 sp per 15.

backpack 5 gp three in stock
blanket, winter 5 sp 15 in stock
flint and steel 3 gp seven in stock

grappling hook with 50’ of rope 7 gp two in stock
pouch, belt 1 gp 2 sp 5 in stock
rations, trail 5 gp ten in stock

torch ( 6) 1 gp 5 sets in stock
waterskin 1 quart 2 in stock
whetstone, to sharpen swords or a knife 2 sp three in stock

cold weather gar set 8 gp five in stock
explorer’s outift 2 gp six in stock

axe, battle 8 gp three in stock
bow, short 25 gp two in stock
dagger 3 gp ten in stock
dagger, silver 33 gp two in stock

dart ( 3) 1 gp two sets in stock
mace 5 gp two in stock

sword 10 gp five in stock

padded armor 5 gp two in stock
leather armor 7 gp three in stock

chain mail 5 gp five in stock.

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