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Forgno's gem cutters in Dwarfbas


Forgno is the owner and main gem cutter. He has a 30 percent chance to improve a gem’s quality.

Apprentice Samgan has a 10 percent chance to improve the gem’s quality.

Both can cut a gem without harming it, 3 percent chance of failure.

Fees are 10 percent of final worth. Estimates are not free, cost is 5 percent of estimated quality after cutting. If that is less than half correct, then the cost is increased by 100 percent.

Example: if the estimate is that the gem will be worth 1,000 gp after cutting, and it turns out to be worth 3,000 gp, then the estimate now charged is 100 gp instead of the 50 gp it would have been.

Shani Foro is the clerk.

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