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Free City of Bluening, unknown city, and Kingdom of Ladtodquill area


A large area map of part of the southern continent.

The unknown city is not noticeable by those living outside it.

Kingdom of Ladtodquill will loosely be based on one of the Judges’ Guild City-States. There is Evil, and Good, Law, and Chaos, and some Neutrals. Beware !

The Bay of Sound is called that due to the constant sound from the icebergs and ice packs bumping into each other. For a short period each southern hemisphere summer, there is a path for ships to exit and head out into the Outer Ocean from the seaport in Bluening, Satha.

The Barrow Hills are called that because they are shaped like barrows. There may or may not be barrows there.

Smaller detailed maps will be uploaded to other articles as they get done.

Those are 200 mile squares on the below map.

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