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Falla Keep, Map 1


Map updated Sep 16, 2016

 Falla Keep, Map 1, Fondfield, Trillolara

doors are numbered, rooms have letters.

Door 1)

The room leading to this door is a normal storage area in
Falla Keep. Two regular level zero guards and a half-elf
Cleric 5/Fighter 5/Magic-User 5 is here. They are well armed,
and the half-elf has a scroll case of spells.

A backup force is located in the circular room next door.
It consists of 5-10 Fighter level 3 men, 3-6 Fighter 5 men,
2 half-elf Cleric 5/Magic-User 5, and one seventh level
human magic-user.

If the adventurers don’t come back out, they will seal the secret door
and another group of adventurers will be called for. The ones above level 3
are available for backing up the adventurers, if another such backup force
arrives in the store room. Otherwise they will stay put.

Note that these guards are battle hardened veterans and will not be much impressed
by bragging adventurers, unless the guards know they are experienced as well.

If the adventurers are unknown to the guards, the guards are very likely to seal
the door behind any braggarts and declare them gone as well.

All that is known by the guards is that 5 servants are missing, another one is dead.

A blood trail leads to the secret door.

A few items had gone missing and the servants had stayed here one night thinking it was just a thief stealing things. They were wrong. The secret door was not known to be here.

If anyone says, within 10 feet of this door, ‘I wonder if there is a secret door around here.’ or words with a similar meaning, the secret door slides into the floor.

A trail of mostly dried blood will lead down the passageway to room A

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