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Falla Keep, Map 2


Map updated Sep 16, 2016

 Falla Keep, Map 2, Fondfield, Trillolara

Room A) 90’ × 110’ × 10’

Room is full of pillars, the ones on the south wall form a parallelogram,
not a rectangle like the rest of them do. Doesn’t mean anything, except to puzzle the players.

On the North wall is a very good painting that looks like people trying to climb
the smooth wall to get away from something. Their backs show marks that could be claw
marks. Close examination reveals its a painting.

The painting is a trap. Touching any of the beings in the painting will result in unconciousness for 1.5 turns.

Door 2)

If any of the pillars marked in blue, check the secret layer, are touched by a
Chaotic Good character, this door opens.

From the direction of room B, the door looks like a normal door with pull handle
on the left side. Only push or Knock will open it from the side of room B.
The third attempt to use the pull handle results in a Monster Summoning IV spell
going off.

Room B) 50’ × 20’ × 20’

shelf is 10’ up from floor. It is 12’ × 18’ × 10’

on the shelf are 3 bugbears

each has two 5’ spears and a two-handed sword

will attack by surprise 50 percent of the time.

there is a lever in the back of the shelf that opens door 3

Door 3)

opened by lever on shelf in room B. Door slides into floor.

Room C) 40’ × 60’ × 20’

if this room is entered by any non-Chaotic Evil beings/characters,
door 3 closes. And then teleport in, one to each side of group,
will be two Type II Demons.

The Demons will not teleport in reinforcements.

The ramp down from room C is 170’ at 17 degree slope. Total drop is 50’. The ramp ends where marked on Map 3.

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