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Mad Rock, Cave room and 'house' built in it


This is the cave and ‘house’ shown in the cave drawing.

No roof, no second floor; although it appears to have one upon first seeing it. The characters should easily notice that they can see through the upper windows to the cave’s back wall.

They will also notice easily that there are different types of construction in this supposed house. Red brick walls that go up to 12 feet high, brown sandstone walls that are 10 feet high, gray stone walls that are 5 feet high. It may look shaky, but it is very sturdy.

Two rooms have dust on the floor that could have been wooden furniture. The rest of the rooms are absolutely clean. No dust, no debris.

All that is to make the players suspicious… and hunt for some clues.

Up inside the flue for the stone fireplace is a small loose brick.

Behind the brick is a small lever. Its to activate the teleport and send anyone in the fireplace off to Sky Mountain, where the actual adventure takes place. The fireplace holds about 3 humans standing up.

That lever wasn’t easy for the players to locate. I even had to hint.

This is the planned and dug out room that is the cave.


Overhead view of the house.


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