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Mad Rock maps


Area map

The adventure takes place bottom right corner of map in a land called Ghenter.

Maps updated: November 21, 2020.

Mad Rock

The characters started in Wonce Tarno. Paid a toll in Tollgo. And bought last minute supplies in Gester. They were glad to see the adventurers. And they over charged them. After all, the trade route had shifted and they needed the money to buy things with.

Mad Rock, partial zoomed in area map

The land between Gester, pronounced Jester, and Mad Rock is where the ‘peculiar’ things happened.

The two dotted lines next to Mad Rock turn out to be stone pillars, 3 feet in diameter, and 9 feet tall. The two rows are approximately 30 feet apart.

Mad Rock, local area map

The pillars lead up to a cave.

A sketch of what the players’ characters found in the cave. A small roofless building. That is a fire smudge on the left. Yes, the cave has been carved into a rectangular box shape.


Overhead view of the house floor plan. There is a way to get to the next part of the adventure from this cave.

In the fireplace is a movable brick. Moving it teleports those in room 3 to the next part of the adventure.

Mad Rock cave, 800 x 800

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